How to block facebook domain and website from your computer or router

There was a time on which the internet was a place with plenty of smart people, friendly, where everybody liked to be helpful, a real worldwide bibliotheque where all the world's knowledge was connected and happily shared, we were only a few years away from traveling across galaxies and terraform planets.

Until big tech appeared, owning and using the social medias to put back humans in their lowest intelligence possible, the human stupidity sparked like a fire, people started to be unfriendly, the bullying concept emerged, and in the present, we can see real violence everywhere in social medias. They have been used over the years to decrease human intelligence, obtaining with that a better control over the people, to sell products, and even to elect president candidates or implant specific ideas over people.

Social medias turned to be the most dangerous tool in the hands of some people. In terms of human evolution has only been useful for helping grown worms in our brains.

In the last months, our freedom has been eaten and destroyed at the speed of light, censorship has been raised like never could have been imagined before, and we are dooming the next generation to this new accepted normality.

We like it or not, they are a real cancer for humanity, just because they have been made for specific interests which corrupted everything, instead of their real concept purpose which was a better communication. How we can escape now from this implemented tyranny?

We, the geeks, are here to save the planet and the entire humanity.

More things are going to come in Elive...

But for now, let's start with a very simple solution...

Must of us we have grown in a world without facebook, without whatsapp, without the anxiety-increasers and self-steem-decreasers big-tech social medias that are destroying the mental health of all the humans in the world.

So you can run in your Elive or any Linux machine, probably in your router too, a simple command that will not allow connections to websites containing specific words, for example:

sudo iptables -A OUTPUT -p tcp -m string --string --algo kmp -j DROP

This will block any attempt to connect to the facebook website, you can do the same with any centralized social media that you consider nocive for the mental health or for your kids growing smartness.


There's also Pi-Hole which is much simpler and much more flexible :slight_smile:


Then how will you know what the bad guys (Orks) who live in the facebook cave are plotting against you? :wink: Someone needs to keep an eye on them. I volunteer :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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