How to Change Background pictures automaticaly at regular internver

When ecomorph is on, mean with one single monitor, the desktop background were changing at regular interval.

With ecomorph off, I can’t figure out how to do it.

Tks !




Ecomorph has no relation with backgrounds

This is a feature that happens in live mode, its run by a script

ok tks!
Could your provide me a simple way to do it or the script here I could run at startup ?

Open a terminal and run:

~ ❯❯❯ enlightenment-wallpapers-switcher 1

You can modify the script to change the behaviour, like infinite switching, timing, etc…


The script is located where ?
Tks it is working !

~ ❯❯❯ which enlightenment-wallpapers-switcher


mkdir -p $HOME/bin
cp /usr/bin/enlightenment-wallpapers-switcher $HOME/bin

then edit it from your bin directory in order to be able to modify it and keeping the changes (a new login terminal would be needed)


files in /usr/share/enlightenment/data/backgrounds are .edj files
Can I put jpg or other standard picture file format in that folder ?


ok I got it tks !
for file in /home/me/Dropbox/Background/jpg $HOME/.e//backgrounds/*jpg


/usr files are system files, not user files, you should not modify them (and you can’t, in fact)

there’s a specific user-dir place for these files, but in fact you cannot “just” put a .jpg file on there (maybe it works, not tried), you just need to use the wallpapers configurator and give to it a jpg file, you have different stretching options too

Ah you meant the script? mmh, not sure if works with .jpg too, well you must try :slight_smile:

wallpapers configurator ??

Script is now working, but quality of the pictures jpg are not good…

Will try to figure out what you trying to tell me… (need to convert my jpg files from what I guess)

enlightenment preferences

yeah try to import them and use the .edj ones, not sure what you mean / what happens about bad quality

so many menus and components… Presently looking where is that enlightenment preferences thing

Do I need to import my pictures one by one through here ?


but looking at that image, looks like the bad quality is in the image itself?


As for the switches, the timing, what options, commands, are there? On a command line, what can I change. Viewing the script, I see seconds with other things. When did change the seconds, then nothing worked at all. So I had to leave it at 20 secs, otherwise no go. I want to change it so it changes screen every 2 or 3 mins. Also after going thru all screens once then it stops. I want to have it run continuously over and over again.


I tried changing to 60 secs. nothing worked. I tried 180 seconds nothing worked.

Me too, working well, I don’t care about how many seconds ( I like random time ) but it stop after a while… Probably when done with all the picts

yes, it stops after the loop has finished (all wallpapers switched), for make it always loop you can add an infinite loop outside the loop, so something like this:

while true ; do
OLD CODE LOOP - (the “for” block code)

about the seconds, see that it waits 40 seconds if you are in live mode before to start, changing the other seconds value (the one it says 20) should work, make sure your script is put in yout ~/bin/ directory, which, if im not wrong, printing the PATH variable should show this directory as a preferenced one, before /usr/bin

echo $PATH

Also, this is a bash script, you should have some minor bash coding / scripting knowledge to hack it :), but is vey easy, bash is also what is going on in your terminal, I don’t remember if the Documents directory includes an introduction to bash tutorial ?

note: a new terminal must be started so that the PATH in your ZSH will be updated, and consider then to use your own script

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I must have done something wrong, does’t work, but I will doublecheck and get back to you if I can’t make it work. A nice entry level little bash project for me LOL

confirmed (looking at my config files), there’s a bash document in the documents directory, it is not a small one but may be used a reference guide