How to change the character font size of Thunderbird & Opera Browser menu


I am using Elive Enlightenment.
Thunderbird & Opera Browser and other menu fonts are a bit small, so I would like to increase the size of the font.
If you know a way to change the size of the font, please give me a professor.

I was able to change Thunderbird like this
Alt + esc (or Left CLick on the desktop) Type Fonts
Choose Applications Fonts
Play with the size and and hit Apply, you’ll see Thunderbird fonts change

Didn’t change anything for opera… @Thanatermesis ?

Another option in played with in the pastis Scaling
Alt + esc (or Left CLick on the desktop) Type Scaling
PLay with Custom Scaling Factor ( set it to 1.25 as an example)

I am new to Elive ( less than a year) and don’t know all the tricks but those are 2…

If you meant the content of the web page, CTRL on the keyboard and use your mouse wheel (but you probably know that one)

BTW opera is really fast and a cool browser… I am using it too
Altp + P to access settings and I like that we can access settings by typing their name " Fonts" as an example.

May be there is something you can do within Opera ?

Fonts sizes are complex because they have different ways to work, but basically:

  • you (maybe) can change them independently in the settings of the application
  • they are (auto) dynamically changed by the scale factor
  • they are (auto) dynamically changed by the “applications font size” setting
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Before I forget,

in the Opera settings ( ALP + P) type Shortcut

enable Enable advanced keyboard shortcuts they are cool

I love the 1 and 2 number key to move easily from one tab to the other…Faster that a Holding 2 keys to do it

Thank you for your reply.
It seems that Elive Enlightenment installed in Oracle VM VirtualBox has broken a bit.
Because I can not verify, I’d like to have some time.
Thank you.


Left click on desktop screen → Settings → Settings panel → Appearance → Font → General settings application → Droid Sans Japanese Regular 20pixcles and click Apply.
I was able to change the font size of the character in Thunderbird & Opera Browser’s menu.

Thank you very much.

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