How to create keyboard shortcuts or change the actual one

What is the best way to change actual keyboards shortcusts or create one ?

Example, is it possible to create a keyboard shortcut to move an application from one monitor to the other ? Or move an application windows to another Worspace ?


Of course :slight_smile:

All these options you can find in the enlightenment settings, you have multiple ways to configure your own hotkeys and their possibilities, make a look to the hotkeys pdf too!

about sending, just check the “sending” icon (like telegram icon) that you have in the extra hidden menu of the window-borders

Could your tell me exactly where i could configure that ?

  • associate some keys to
  • moving an application window to the next monitor or previous monitor ( screen)
    For a newbie, Enlightenment is a menu with 4 items in it where we can’t do that…

In settings there’s multiple sections of configurations, you need to search for the ones that says “bindings”


Tks ! can now customize my keyboard like I want
Saw this place yesterday but the 1st few shortcurt were weird and I didn’t know I was at the right place. Should have look longer / be more patient

Bindings are the ones that users wants to customize, note that you can customize keyboard shortcuts but also mouse bindings or acpi bindings (like “what happens when i close the LID of the laptop, or i press the power button”)

There’s many options and a gigantic lot of power with hotkeys, making you able to customize and automate your desktop as much as you want

But before to change them I recommend to study first the ones provided by default in Elive, from the hotkeys pdf (or the first icon in the window-borders extra hiden menu), which are already set to give all the handyness of a powerful hotkey while keeping compatibility with applications (not re-using same hotkeys)

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There is an option to move an application window to previous or next screen
I can’t make it work…
Any guess / ideas of what could cause this ?


I made it work once, and it stop, and I am not sure why
The process is pretty simple… We choose keyboards keys. not already used and associate an action to it


note that “screen” means screen (multiple screens setup), and “desktop” means a virtual desktop (pager)

so if you press this key, with this setting, it should send the active/focused window to the previous screen, not sure how relative this can work, you should try triggering this action from one screen or the other to see how it affects