How to disable "elive system restored" voice everytime i open laptop?

As the title says, every time i close then reopen the laptop screen, after booting back up a loud and annoying "elive system restored" sound plays. Although this does not happen when i turn the power off then restart, then it plays my selected startup sound. So i was wondering if there is some way to disable this voice?

Actually there's not a configuration system to enable / disable the system voices (but yes, could be good to have), its meant to be implemented in the future

I have updated the suspension* system of Elive with these features:

  • Do not play sounds in unwanted times (between 21:00 & 08:00)
  • Force to not play any sounds when running it with the NOVOICE environment variable

To update it you must use the last beta version of Elive (or bullseye based system) and run:

elive-upgrader --upgrade

If the first featured said is not enough for you, you can run the suspension yourself manually (instead of closing the screen) with a command like this:

NOVOICE=1 elive-pm suspend

Note: I have assigned myself this thread in order to not forget implement this configuration system...

Ok thanks, I'm using the stable build so I'll see if the beta build can run on my laptop