How to improve the english of Elive (eltrans)

To "untarzanice" the bad english of the developer, there's a very simple way to do it:

  • open eltrans
  • translate to "english"

then, there's a very simple procedure that must be followed in order to improve drastically the results and having a gramatically-compatible/correct sentences:

  • paste (or write) your message in, set to english
  • select the second language to be a common one (like spanish or french)
  • see if the translated message is correct
  • change (if needed) the words or sentences that looks wrongly translated, searching for the optimal works that becomes a correct translation

After to have translated a few sentences from eltrans, you can summit them from time to time (like every 30 minutes or 1 hour), its better to do this than continuing the work the next day, in order to avoid conflicts between versions

When you have finished all your work, ask the developer (packager) to rebuild the package, this procedure will introduce the translated words back to the source code replacing the old sentences, then all the translations will be re-generated (yeah, this means other translations can be lost, that's why is important to have first the english well translated, before doing it in other languages). Finally, after the package has been rebuilt, it is good to check the translations back, just to verify their consistency and updates.