How to increase cursor size

Running nix theme I found the cursor a bit too small. How can I increase the size of the cursor? searched and looked thru the threads but couldn't find anything similar.
btw, I found Elive VERY addictive!!! Fantastic!!!

Assuming you're using the default E16 there, I'm afraid I don't know either so I'd also like to hear (from maybe @Thanatermesis or @yoda) how to do that . :smile_cat:

On E23 it's easy enough. :w00t:

I tried installing "big-cursor" and setting that up the Debian way with "update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme" but that's no joy and gives no options besides the default Adwaita cursor theme. :face_with_head_bandage:

In E16 you can hack the theme (yes you cannot do it from your desktop, you need to modify the theme yourself), making a copy of it to your ~/.e16/themes dir and start modifying it, for example for cursor customizations you have files like:


but not easy :smiley:

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thank you so much ... I like a challenge and like to be challenged... :joy:

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I sort of was afraid it would come to that.

Any particular reason why if I install "big-cursor", it doesn't show up in /usr/share/icons/default/index.theme ?

Be aware that E16 doesn't just change "on the fly", you will need to "restart" often and sometimes purge the caches through the settings menu. :icecream:

bts show big-cursor

shows me this report:

yeah exactly :smiley: , @triantares since you had some experience, maybe you can write a small intro howto about how to create / modify / hack e16 themes :wink: , telling about these details and "to where to look for modify X"

Yes, I could start on that .... not a bad idea. :smiley:

But for "normal" users it might not be bad to be able to configure a thing as simple as cursor size from a GUI option.

yes but as said in other threads, is not worth to spend "too much efforts" on e16 since e23 gives much more possibilities (and cursor size is already implemented), so is better to invest it in e23 to make it ready for production in elive :slight_smile:

by other side since e16 theming is so dificult, could be nice if there's help around :rofl:

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.... finally a clear statement to this ....

I found a solution. Installed Synaptic Package Manager and installed Crystal Cursor after that. Got to Customize Look and Feel and chose the Crystal Blue Cursor and "bingo" bigger cursor!!! Got a 34" monitor and can see the cursor very clearly. Is probably not within the Elive lines, but it works ... for me at least!!

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That's what I normally do too on my laptop that's often used in open daylight, albeit I install the "comic" one.

I'd hoped installing "big-cursor" might show a larger cursor in general on the machine but it doesn't do much from what I can see. :face_with_head_bandage:
And of course changing out the cursor image in the theme for a larger one is also an option, albeit a tad geeky.

For those that have bad eye sight in general, it might be nice to have an easy option to change font and cursor sizes in an easy way or .......

  • Maybe introduce the excellent screen magnifier Stable has into E16. :thinking:
    Meaning a key-code or icon in the panel.

Anybody motivated to write an "How to increase cursor size in E16 bigger" howto thread? :slight_smile:

note the SEO words included in the title