How to install skype

Hi guys,
once again I turn on to you for getting help in installing skype software on my elive system.
Didn't find it in terminology or software manager. Downloaded it from skype website , but the packet manager brought back an error with the .deb package, saying that "wrong architecture".
Some ideas?
Many thanks

Well apparently you downloaded the wrong architecture.
So as a first, check what arch (and Elive version) you're running and then find the right 'arch' for your machine.

  • .....from what I see on their site: Only amd64 arch is available so that could be a problem if you're running Stable or Beta 32bit.

Skype is owned by Microsoft and they're not creating anything for 32Bit since a few years.

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@triantares is 100% right, but I want to go a little deeper into the analysis. Take a look at the package name. skypeforlinux-64.deb means it is for 64bit architecture.

But to be sure, let's open the package (the option an uppercase i, not lowercase L), than compare to the system.

lupus@zoe:~$ dpkg -I skypeforlinux-64.deb |grep Architecture
 Architecture: amd64
lupus@zoe:~$ dpkg --print-architecture

Here it matches.

You're able to run 32bit applications on a 64bit system. Not the other way around.
The solution: Use the Elive - Beta Download, it is 64Bit.

It won't help, since you've got the same issue, but out of personal interest:
Are you sure you want to install Skype? Most features of Skype are available in the modern teams. There are only a few situations, I can imagine Skype should be used over teams. And none of them allows the use of Linux.

Well 'teams' is a workable solution but OTH has the same issue as Skype: Only 64bit ! :cry:

As a non-microsoft solution I would propose 'signal-desktop', that has video-chat/conference capabilities and has a Debian .deb available.

After the first verification it will run nicely on your Desktop without the need to have a phone concurrently attached, unlike 'whatsapp'.
Alas same issue: Only 64bit ! :cry:

  • 32bit EOL is approaching fast now.

I'm guessing if everyone you videochat with is on skype, you'll not want to change yourself because of that.

This is, why I wrote 'The solution' in the line before. But I've edited my answer, to make it more clear. Thanks :slight_smile: