How to load modules into your shelf in E24

I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to do this.

Basically, I lost my E24 configuration, and had to start from scratch. :frowning_face:

I had loaded a systray on my shelf, and wanted to figure out how to do this again.

I couldn't find it in "shelf contents" and enabling it in 'modules' did nothing.

What you need to do is enable it in the Modules settings panel (Settings>Extensions>Modules)...


...go into the "shelf contents" panel (Settings>Shelves...

shot-2020-11-09_19-41-27 "Advanced' and then go to the "Available Gadgets" tab...



...choose the enabled module and hit "Add"...


...and finally, go back to the "Loaded Gadgets" tab and make sure the module of your choice is there!



This works like a charm for me.

Feel free to update this howto with new information, better screenshots, etc! :slight_smile:

oh, man - to find that all in another language is not so easy (-> german ) :wink:

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Look at the position of the buttons, thats what I do with discord (it's in french to "help me learn" but I know it's not going to do anything :rofl2:)

in german it is:
Einstellungen -> Modulablagen -> Inhalte -> Erweitert -> Verfügbare Helfer

Thank you! I'm sure someone will find this useful. :slight_smile:

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Very nice Howto .... keep it up. :1up:

Almost the same way I make my pager....and then use right-click on the shelf itself itself to handle i.e position, size and visibility.

Thank you! Seems to be the best way to help out, other than tech support here on the forum. :slight_smile:

Yep, I have all of my shelves "auto hide" as to reduce clutter. There's no current way iirc to make windows maximize default over the shelf, so its the only way I can read certain things. :slightly_frowning_face:

Nice background btw :slight_smile:

Yeah, that would be a real cool one to have animated.....or maybe it would kill the magick. :thinking:
Albeit, in reality I'm not really a fan of my wallpaper moving and pulling my eye ....... as a lockscreen or screensaver OTH. :idea:

Yep so do I but it's hard to place them so as they don't get in the way when popping up i.e blocking access to functions in another widget under it.

I'm now trying out the pager "bottom right" opposed to "top left or middle" which annoys me when I i.e want close the widget I'm using or access a widget's functions in "fullscreen" mode.
I've now put the bar to left "unity/gnome style" and auto hiding it.

This way the icon of the open window on the top doesn't get blocked or covered either.

Go to Settings > Settings panel > Windows > Window geometry > Maximization but there is Resistance, where you can (un)check "resist obstacles" In Maximization you can select "fullscreen"
The combination if I understand it correctly will allow fullscreen windows to overlap shelves
The behavior should be carried over to E24 (I am on e17)

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I meant "to make it not overlap the shelf" as in the window doesn't go below the top of the shelf.

IIRC that would be in Windows geometry, "Avoid gadgets" under Maximization and I think that gadgets when used in this context included shelves

I'll try when I'm back at my elive box.