How to make Elive (2.0 or 3.0) lighter?


I’m running Elive 2.0 in a machine with 160Mb max ram and 266cpu. I would like to know if people know how to make Elive lighter, faster responding, consuming less ram. I have understood there are some appearance related things I could possibly disable, and I found also there is a posibility to use other engines for enlightenment. I just don’t know if I change to say E16 engine do I lose something or do I get dependency problems or something?

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Develop a custom installer which will attempt to auto-build a custom kernel removing all language packs except the one the user chose, disable/remove all modules & build in only the specific drivers needed so you can build a monolithic kernel without an initrd image.


I'll try to install Elive soon also in a 160 Mb RAM / 500 Mhz CPU machine soon and I'm very curious to see the result.... (I must first look for some RW CD/DVD disks)

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