How to update software center version

I have issue with software center. I have the 64bit elive. Love the system but have to use apug in terminal to update stuff. Most the time that works. Except when updating OS sometimes it fails. The software center does show the updates on update tab I click tab and try to download but downloads fail using the update feature in software center. I noticed there is a newer version of the debian gnome software center on the gnome website. How can I update the software center version there is no way to do it in its own sotware center.

Actually "apug" will update the software center if needed. Be aware that the center is Elive centric and other versions like Debian/Gnome will not be guaranteed to work.

If you're on E16 the system will keep itself up-to-date(E24 requires some tinkering) i.e will look for upgrades when logging in to E16.
That's the nice part about Elive: It will prepare the upgrading and such for you and ask your permission to go ahead with it.
If, in any way you have the idea that you're missing out on upgrades: Simply reboot your machine. :1up:

"apug" has never failed and when/if it does then be sure that all other upgraders like "software center" will fail too. It's the ultimate tool for Elive.

Yeah this apps seems to be not very ready / stable yet, maybe in a future upgrade can be a more reliable option (let's say: switching to bullseye)

it is a very friendly software manager for most of users, and synaptic (which works very stable) is just not very friendly

in any case remember that elive has its own upgrading system integrated and running automatically, so you should not care about the updates at all :slight_smile: in fact, I think they should be disabled from the software-center app entirely :thinking:

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