How to update your BIOS firmware in Linux

If you want to have the latest updates for your BIOS and other hardware firmwares, you only need a recent version of Elive like 3.8.11 installed on your hard disk using UEFI

yes, this feature only works for UEFI based systems

Next? you don't need to do anything, if there's any update, it will ask you if you want to upgrade it in a future boot of your computer :slight_smile:

If you want to check it manually, you can always run yourself this command:


In this case, this computer is not installed over UEFI so these updates cannot be applied

Otherwise, if nothing happens, it means that there's no updates or you are using the last updated versions

I have just applied 3 firmware updates (BIOS included) to one of my computers and it fixed a small hardware issue that this computer had :happy: :happy_dance:

. :wow: :eyepopping: :wow:

Don't run wincrap to update your BIOS, don't research on internet, don't check your bios version, or verifying how much reliable is the website where to download a bios update... forget everything, just use Elive, and let it do all the work for you



Very interesting!

But could you tell something about the process? Where the system automatically goes to find the new bios? Is there eventual extension for choosing a particular bios (sometimes a n-1 or so version can be a better idea, avoiding e.g. "bad progress features", or "home made" ones, coreboot...) ?

Many thanks!

yeah, bad progress bios can be an issue, but how to solve this?

it uses internally the tool fwupd, which automatically detect hardware, get a list of updated bioses, etc


Something missing?
If: sudo elive-up...... gives: Fetching metadatas... / Downloading... / Fetching signature... / >>>
And nothing? Not any upgrade, and for sure the on place bios is not up to date...
You show a screen (seems boot/dos one) with flashing process, but it surely not comes directly after the command sudo.........>>> ... nor on a reboot...
Yes the bios is on uefi settings & bios upgrade option ok, & 3.8.13...
So what?


it worked without problems on my test some time ago

you must include a screenshot of these details :slight_smile: to see better what is happening

it should ask you if you want to upgrade your bios and then will proceed, if im not wrong, the upgrade will complete in your next reboot, on which if im not wrong it needs to write an EFI entry to boot / update it