How to use Dropbox without EXT4

Dropbox requires that your filesystem will be on EXT4 format :woman_facepalming: but you don't have it or you don't want to create a partition for it... so you can use a simple file image:

First, create the image and format it to ext4, in the end it will act just like a partition:

dd if=/dev/zero of=image-ext4.img bs=1M count=800
sudo mkfs.ext4 image-ext4.img

then you'll have a file of 800MB created which contains an ext4 filesystem (change the size at your wish), now, everytime you want to use it you need to mount it first:

mkdir Downloads/Dropbox
sudo mount image-ext4.img Downloads/Dropbox/

but, this filesystem is mounted from root, so the simplest is to create an inside directory and change the permissions for your user:

sudo mkdir -p Downloads/Dropbox/userfiles
sudo chown myuser:myuser Downloads/Dropbox/userfiles

now you can point your dropbox to "Downloads/Dropbox/userfiles" and should work

To automount it always on boot, you need to edit your /etc/fstab file and add a line like:

/home/myuser/image-ext4.img /home/myuser/Downloads/Dropbox/ ext4 defaults 0 2

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tks you so much !!!!!!!!!

Dropbox problem fixed for my btrfs's Elive...

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I didn't use DropBox at all, but it's one of the conditions for the guy that have an Asus netbook who asked me to erase win$$$aft for Linux... So when Elive will be user friendly for him I will replace Mint by Elive on his little machine; And if Reiser4 is ok, he will be again, more, surprised by the place he have on this 32Go eMMC where loo$$$dow$ takes quite all at a point it can't even (hopefully) update, and a full Mint using -only- 10Go!!! :wink:

So many thanks, again, for this option!


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Even when you are on ext4 -
I like this idea too much!
This will have the effect that you can control better the content in your Dropbox when it comes to space in use :wink:
Same for GoogleDrive, btw.
So you see already before you connect for sync,
If your actions will exceed the space available
you can move this file to another disk,
put a link of it into your home ...
Very cool trick :joy:

But for me
I won't touch my fstab,
I will try do deal with an image which I can mount by request when I need it.
I guess, this will make it more easy to put it on another disk ( in my case I have all data on a separate harddisk, not on the sys disk, because I am using different systems on my production machine, btw) :wink:

mhm, if it is a 10" or less display,
may be he is not so happy with Enlightenment DE (e16) afterwards.
Which Mint DE is it?
For me Mint 18.1 Xfce is the best choice
for very small displays and all is working out of the box - YET.
Am waiting for e17 getting final stage for replacing Xfce then.
Lately I had to encounter serious Problems
installing e16 on Asus Seashell..
Therefore I recommend a "Test-Install" on a flashcard, not on the build-in harddrive.
Then you can check if all works fine without changing the former installed OS


For me, Mint is Mate, and it's what I set on the Asus TP200SA...
About "test-install", I always try (usualy via Live usb), before install, and here I will try+showing to the the guy, even if I already fit Elive 3.0.3 on his "home" old laptop in multi boot with his ex-usual windawn$$$... :wink:


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Having problem to make it work on my new reiser4 installation but I must have done something wrong..
Will get back to you...
I can't creat something in the Dropbox Folder that point to the mounted image... I made myself the owner and changed permission 777

@yoda !!! :mwahaha:
go for bed - we had this topic very extended the day before yesterday LOL :wink: :sleep:

I will forward the solution to you tomorrow, i have also to search for it
but it is solved :nod: :nod:

just make sure you create a dir inside this mounted filesystem and then chown it to your user

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