How to use the forum on mobile phones

Here are simple steps on how to use the new Elive forum on a mobile device using the Discourse App

1) download the free Discourse app through the Apps Store

2) add the Elive forum site

3) authenticate yourself by connecting

That's it, enjoy !

Note : It will be easier and faster than connecting using a web browser...


Today I discovered ' Disourse '
from Google for Android.

With this app installed you are kept up to date
about forum content changes at a glance.

I give it a spin right now,
my first impression is OK so far.

My second impression after 4 hours of use is good,
Notifications of new posts and messages are displayed reliably
and you get in the notification field a hint as well as an acoustic signal.

Good, but more relevant for moderators


-Notification: this post has been moved to this thread since its about the same topic-

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Well ..... iOS and Android are not really the same - topic

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An old post I did


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I think that we should have as topic or (category?) something like

Forum apps for mobile devices ...


a category for " mobile discussion" or for the use of Discourse on a mobile ?

Not sure which one you have in head


"useful apps". or similar (?)


What do you think of that ? A Category to talk about useful apps ?


EXACTLY. :slight_smile: :sunny:

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title of the thread changed to mobile phones

apps for phones with relation to elive? i dont think that there's many of them heh

No @Rebel450 meant misc apps in general, I think


Mmh, well, we have different sections for that, like:

  • #system:applications (maybe a bit "elive applications" but should be also perfectly fit for "debian applications too)
  • #users:customizations for very specific "changes" in the system (which may include applications too)
  • #get-involved:research can be a useful topic too for things related to extra applications discovered

I agree this one would do the job to talk about misc applications for Elive/Debian


Sorry for being not clear with what I meant; look:

(for software which does not belong to Elive -
that's why IMO is
Elive System/
Designs / Installed / Live / Applications // ...
the wrong place (or not so?)

Personally I would never expect it here...

This is what I meant.