How to use the forum on mobile phones

Here are simple steps on how to use the new Elive forum on a mobile device using the Discourse App

1) download the free Discourse app through the App Store

2) add the Elive forum site

3) authenticate yourself by connecting

That's it, enjoy!

It's easier and faster than connecting using a web browser.


Today I discovered ' Disourse '
from Google for Android.

With this app installed you are kept up to date
about forum content changes at a glance.

I give it a spin right now,
my first impression is OK so far.

My second impression after 4 hours of use is good,
Notifications of new posts and messages are displayed reliably
and you get in the notification field a hint as well as an acoustic signal.

Good, but more relevant for moderators


-Notification: this post has been moved to this thread since its about the same topic-

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Well ..... iOS and Android are not really the same - topic

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An old post I did


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I think that we should have as topic or (category?) something like

Forum apps for mobile devices ...


a category for " mobile discussion" or for the use of Discourse on a mobile ?

Not sure which one you have in head


"useful apps". or similar (?)


What do you think of that ? A Category to talk about useful apps ?


EXACTLY. :slight_smile: :sunny:

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title of the thread changed to mobile phones

apps for phones with relation to elive? i dont think that there's many of them heh

No @Rebel450 meant misc apps in general, I think


Mmh, well, we have different sections for that, like:

  • #system:applications (maybe a bit "elive applications" but should be also perfectly fit for "debian applications too)
  • #users:customizations for very specific "changes" in the system (which may include applications too)
  • #get-involved:research can be a useful topic too for things related to extra applications discovered

I agree this one would do the job to talk about misc applications for Elive/Debian


Sorry for being not clear with what I meant; look:

(for software which does not belong to Elive -
that's why IMO is
Elive System/
Designs / Installed / Live / Applications // ...
the wrong place (or not so?)

Personally I would never expect it here...

This is what I meant.

I want to use my phone today, but my phon was stolen (((