I cannot log in as a normal user

When I installed Elive, it says to create a new user but when I log in when it's installed, it asks for a username and a password it says the username doesn't exists. I can only log in as root, and, if I try to go to users manager and click on add a new user and if I enter the name I want and the password I want it gives me the error: Error

Usage: groupadd [options] GROUP


force exit with success status if the

f. -force

-9.-gid GID

-h, --help -K-key KEY-VALUE

-o, --non-unique

use GID for the new group

specified group already exists display this help message and exit overdes /etc/login.defs defaults allow create group with duplicate

(non-unique) GID

use encrypted password for

-p, -password PASSWORD the new group

create a system account


It looks like your best the option is to install Elive again.
You didn't mention which version of Elive it was but .....

  • There's no easy way you can log-in as root to an X11 session on Elive .

So you probably missed something when creating a user but probably a lot more went wrong.

Just do a fresh new install (don't use "upgrade" mode) and things should be OK.
Be sure to check with the md5sum that the download didn't get corrupted, before you do though.

It is Topaz 2.0

Maybe he want's to try the version 3.0 instead which should be better :thinking:

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I dislike version 3


And what makes you to like more the version 2.0 ?

The version 2.0 has skeuomorphic/realistic icons and textures