I have a 64 bit system. So is it okay to install the 32 bit version?

My gut is telling me its compatible. I have a lenovo thinkpad x250 and I am axcited about elive, because I want this this to run fast! If my gut is right, and there is no issue, then perhaps someone could explain what the drawbacks are? From my personal understanding, using a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit system just limits the potential of my hardware? If so, is 32 bit more performant for some reason? Sorry I am such a noob :sweat_smile:

Hi niklulz,

at first, it is not a problem to run a 32bit OS on a 64bit system at all.
The main issue would be the RAM usage. 64bit can use more than 3.8 GB without any problem. 32bit need the use PAE. See Maximum RAM allowed 3GB in 32bit. What if I have 4GB? for more Information regarding that.

So your system is able to handle 64bit wide register. If you only put 32bit in there, only the half highway is used. But are you slower, when the highway is half full or if it is full?
Obvious is there a advantage, if the double amount of cars can reach a city, but they need to be handled there.
Not the best analogy ...

If you're using your system for Emailing, some browsing and Social Media, you shouldn't mention any slow. If you want to edit videos, use realtime face recognition, and calculate exact pi, you shouldn't use a x250 ...

Elive 32bit Live works fine for me on a X61, X200s, R500, T400, T470s.

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As on X1carbon and Yoga think-pads.
The main downside of 32 bit is that a lot of applications (like firefox) don't deliver 32bit versions anymore.
So if you want "latest and greatest" you might want to use 64bit.

Anyway, you can always simply install 32bit (beta) and if, in time, you want to go over to 64bit you can simply cross-grade the existing installation using the 64 bit Elive.iso , keeping all your users and settings. :smiley14:

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