I love how workspace work in MultiScreen!

In Ubuntu, if we Change workspace, we change the 2 screens at the same time

with Elive, the left and right screen I have have their own Workspace config.

If I click the left screen, then Ctrl + Alt + right or left keys, it will change workspace for the left screen only !

I prefer it like this
When I write here, I am thinking to changing my Elive signature to: " Dam it is fast and how come it is taking so few resources (memory / CPU ) !

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Also you can add a hotkey for switch between screens, for example if “ctrl + alt + arrows” change the workspaces makes sense to make “ctrl + alt + shift + arrows” to change between screens

It should have been includes as default for the version 3.0, hum…

Then you can switch to the other screen, and then move between workspaces, move back to your main screen and switch them, organizing workspaces, windows, screens, and everything fast and easy :slight_smile:

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Yes I love that! tks for the suggestion
Also, when you have time, try yourself to create a shortcut to move an application’s window to the left or right screen… I haven’t been able to make it work.

If this option is not available on the default bindings it would be needed to write the feature (code) inside enlightenment to support it

The option is there… Just doesn’t work. I was just curious to know if it’s working for you. I just happen to do this often on my ubuntu station… Moving applications’ window to the other monitor using keyboard and ENLARGE ( Maximize ) it