I need the talking voice on booting Elive, How can i get it?

I love the ladys voice on booting Elive. Can some one send me a sound file with the same ladys voice warning me that my battery is critically low so I can set it to prompt me when my battery is low ?

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You might want to look at what "texttospeech" applications can do for you.
"festvox" offers a few free voices ..... but of course there are more available on the net albeit that quite a few have to be paid for. :smiley_cat:

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True i already did a search on the internet, several of the free voice were not as crisp as clear as the Elive one. Thanks anyway will keep looking.

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True ... that one is a very old one which (I think) comes from IBM (or startrek) originally and wasn't especially texttospeech but a direct recording.

I remember "initiating start up sequence" and also a shutdown. :smiley14:
There prolly is more but will be harder to find.
Did you check out these?


Always a rush of Nostalgic Euphoria where i hear it , probably one of the nonsensical reasons I love Elive.

Gonna check out those ones immediately, thanks

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el_speak_text -f "i am elive"

for that startup sound:

elive-startup-sound -c


i made her speak italian. I'm laughing to death :laughing: :laugh: