I STILL can't get my wifi printer to install

On the Old forum I posted that the Printer setting would not install my wifi printer (Ricoh SP 213W - which is a generic setting). I had hoped that Elive 3.0 may have solved this issue, but sadly not. Elive is so good that I want to use it for everything - but until I can print…

Any suggestions, anyone. The printer is identified, the list of drivers shown but no further install.

Any help gratefully received.

Many thanks.

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This could be another one that can be resolved with using the web browser and configure printer with localhost:631

It here you can manually configure your printer. More information can be found using Debian resource

I just had the problem with my network printers one was wifi and the other hooked up to a network router. My printers would not work with the printer configuration tool either. The printer configuration tool can see the printers but would not complete the whole driver setup even with the mfg drivers there.

I had to use web browser: localhost:631 From there, filled in network printer specifics…the network printer address / port # and make and model of printer then saved info. Once done, the printer was automatically populated into Elive system. I them made it my system default. I did a test print and it worked. Hope this helps you.

I cracked it! Thanks for the suggestion, Terry. The secret was:

  1. make a new user and password, giving them SUDO priviliges in Preferences-User Configurator
  2. use a browser and Localhost:631, as suggested.
  3. Administration, then Add Printer. A box comes up asking for name and password. Entering the newly entered data, the system immediately finds my wifi printer installs the drivers.

This was the system I needed when I did a HD install, where obviously I was asked for a user Name and Password, but this also works with the Live DVD

A great operating system just got so much better.


I am glad you worked through it and got it to work :o)

It’s so cool to get a taste of success and feel that you have a working system and made it work for you! Plus you learn more too along the way.

The configurators for printer in Elive should be able to configure everything without problems, BUT I know that they was a bit uncomplete or maybe somewhat buggy

Let’s see for the future versions of Elive (based in Debian Buster) if they works without problems, but if you still having problems with that please report it so we will need to search an alternative (another tool, or maybe that web configurator)