I was initially drawn to Elive partially because of a wallpaper

I tried Googling for a wallpaper that came with an older version of Elive but no dice. Does anyone know where to get the wallpaper with crystals in the background? The whole wallpaper has a gradient that is lent to the crystals as well. I would really like to use that wallpaper. Thanks

Not n the clear which one you mean there.
Could you be more explicit i.e what color gradient or color scheme on the whole and maybe when or on what Elive version you saw that wallpaper?

I don't know what version of Elive this came with.

OOh, haven't seen that one in a long time.
Conky says Juli 2021 but @Thanatermesis should have specimen somewhere.

I hope in the future that all Elive wallpapers are located in one place so we can all easily download them at will.

@Thanatermesis is there a link to this wallpaper?

Funnily, I was building the version 3.8.35 (probably the last build based on bullseye) and this is the wallpaper included :slight_smile: if im not wrong this wallpaper was already used in version 3.8.32 and 3.8.34 so you can directly get it from the last available download

you can also wait for 3.8.35 will be available soon for download (without announcement) so just check the download of the beta page

No, not accessible in 3.8.32. I first saw the wallpaper in an article about Elive on ZDnet dated July 2023.

You should really start a collection of wallpapers easily accessible on the forum.

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The screen shot depicts July 24, 2023 as the date and this was from an article about Elive 3.8.34 on ZDnet dated July 24, 2023.

Running Elive 3.8.34 64-bit through BalenaEtcher now (currently on Elive 3.8.32 64-Bit).

Frankly, it took me less time to find this wallpaper on the web than it does to say,

First, you would go to images_google_com and then give it a link or upload your own image in search, and the choice is yours.

None the less, I agree with @ZRVoyyd that it would be a good option to have a source of all previously used wallpapers available somewhere.
A simple gallery with a download option (external link or local, depending how it's licensed).

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D' Oh!!!! I'm gonna do it now (even though I have the wallpaper).

Yeah, almost in less time than it takes to frame the blasted query...

I remember in very old versions of Elive (probably the first release, so 0.1), there's a script in the wallpapers directory that when run, downloaded a few nice wallpapers :thinking: maybe worth to include back

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