If you take time to play with Elive, you’ll love it!

I come from the Macintosh / Windows world. I am a former IT consultant.

Been using Linux for 10 years approx. Mint, Ubuntu and other distros.

I tried several distros and had to deal with several user group / forums / support system for those distro.

After I got used to Elive, I felt in love with it ! It is so fast ! Elive use less memory, get the job done quickly.

And @Thanatermesis support and passion for his baby ( Elive) is very impressive…

I had a few glitch with some of of my computer(Hardware) and Than was able to fix those very rapidly !

If you take time to play with Elive, get used to it, you’ll love it !

FAST / STABLE / nice GUI = Elive !