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Derivating from " My setup using Elive as a snazzy drawing tablet ", I "undusted" my 17" touch screen Iiyama T1731sr-b1 that I was thinking to test since a while, but I'm limited in place...
First, with it's full resolution (1280x1024), my eeepc 1001px is going very slow even with Elive; With (1024x768) it's ok... Is there a possibility that a background image issue comes here (both screens turns black with upper resolution on the Iiyama)?
Second, the touch function is here (via an usb plug), but with a big right shift... So I went to find an ad-hoc eGalax driver, at eeti.com.tw/drivers_Linux.html in order to calibrate it... But I can't figure out to install it! I miss something..!


Are your screen turning black when you login to the desktop?


I'm not sure to understand your question...

On usual conditions, all runs ok...
When I set the second screen resolution to more than 1024x768, both background images turns black and the system severly slows down... If I set back to a lower resolution, the system returns to normal speed...

For now I didn't find the way to calibrate the touch part...


Sounds a bit strange that with higher resolution the system goes (noticeably) slower, maybe is a problem of the drivers, in such case you should try the next alpha version of Elive 3.7.x which will include much newer drivers and packages, it will be going to be released hopefully soon :slight_smile:

Methinks the graphical chipset is maxed out due to the higher resolution. What specs does it have and what color depth are using?
Looks like a similar problem we had before on even older hardware in this thread:


Well here, the machine is the eeepc 1001px, with Atom N450 and 2Gb of memory, 1024x600 screen resolution, with a sshd... So it's perhaps at the limit, even with Elive?!

If Elive 3.7.x comes soon in "two more weeks", I'm in starting blocks! :wink:


Well Elive cannot change limitations on a video card other than lowering the resolution and/or color depth. That's entirely a hardware thingy.
Don't go above the specs given by the vendor (1024x600) and you should be OK

BTW you have an Intel GMA 3150 video card.

That's right, hardware limitations are not possible to change, by other side drivers changes and they are normally updated with improved code (faster, reliable, sometimes with bugs fixed if this is a bug, etc), and it is possible (just possible) that could perform better, but the only way to know is to try and compare :slight_smile:


I in fine arrives to install the eGalax driver (with just >>>sudo ./setup.sh)...
So here, I have the eeepc screen (1024x600) and the Iiyama (1024x768);
Launching eGTouchU via Terminal, it comes out;
The trick for the touch calibration is to set in "Display", the Operation Mode to "Customized", but it's needed to have in mind that if the screen resolution is (1020x768), the one of the touch sensor stays at [2048x2048], so I had to set the customized area, assuming the Iiyama at left side from the eeepc, that way: Left 0 ; Right 1024 ; Top 0 ; Bottom 2047.
And with those tunnings, the calibrating screen stays only on full Iiyama and It's possible to do it normaly...

Now I forget how to move back the Engage bar to the eeepc screen... :@)


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Good for you. Thanks for the info on calibration there.:applause:

Configuring "which" is the primary screen on elive-multiscreens, but is not guaranteed that works on every boot

@Thanatermesis: Done! Ok for now! Many thanks!