Import openVPN ( NordVPN) config file

I am used to import openVpn " norvpn" config file quite easily.

in Elive, it is asking for the certificate… Usually I only have to input the user and password after importing an NordVpn " openvpn" config file

Any help / suggestions are welcome

ELIVE IS Soooooo FAST… Getting addicted !

Maybe an old package that is using old certificate validation?

Does googling for this type of vpn configuration + “debian wheezy” shows any useful result ? (a bug report, a howto, etc)

sorry i’m newbie… how can you import " norvpn" config file? what system do you use?

I have Express VPN but i try to connect manually but i can’t at the moment…



I know how to do it manualy and did it
but not using the GUI

i have express vpn… but i think it is the same… only i obtain this :S

sudo openvpn amsterdam_udp.ovpn
Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in amsterdam_udp.ovpn:12: verify-x509-name (2.2.1)
Use --help for more information.


Not supposed to happen O.o, x509 is windows certificate. Try a virus scan on it, anyway I’d recommend Mullvad over Express. It’s cheaper, and Express have many undesirable traits in it regarding privacy.

Not to mention ExpressVPN having it’s logo plastered over a huge skyscraper in Shenzhen, China.

Thanks for the advice. you’re right mullvad is better then expressvpn. I did not know that vpn.

thank you

Hi all, i'm still struggling to install mullvad "client side"...
My installed Elive is E16, i386,beta & works ok, very nice/fine/light/etc
Really a very good distro...but
I really messed not long ago trying to cross-grade to amd64.
In fact i totally destroyed the previous system ! hopefully i had backups.
My question is simple:
For Mullvad there is .deb or .rpm - ok for Buster/Fedora
I found a way in AUR for Arch based distro to get the client using yay...
Utils like debtap works with pacman.
Does any one of u have a clue for E16 ?
I'm no blackhat from the East but the datas i have are mine & i chose not to share.
There is no way to get help from Sweden...I tryied, they answer fast & are very nice
but did not provide a solution...
So, Monsieur Stes, if you found a way to install "M.vad client" i'd be really glad to know
how u did.
That is IF you chose Mullv.. of course !
All the best & nice day

Well there shouldn't be any problem there as Elive Beta is Buster based ...... just click the .deb and install.
I suspect that (like NordVPN) the .deb just adds their repository and you'll have to update those repos to be able to install the client.

I am frankly not in the mood to look it up but I'm sure their site will have clear advice on how to install on Debian Buster.

Ok, thanks @triantares, i had no issues installing the client on a Arch-based distro.
(beside, its not an option for "them").
Sorry i brought back this "dusty" post & i'm aware that a vpn might not be the safest choise.
But i'm with Mullv. since long, so i use it !
Take good care

Well I had some time to look at what Mulvad itself says and installing it is easy enough but configuring and running it with "openvpn" is unnecessarily complicated, if I compare to NordVPN. :frowning_face:

For Nordpn I just need the commandline and run it with all the needed options available.
I suppose all the GUI buffs would want to click something (like mullvad offers) andthere is an option available to set it through "network-manager" if one wishes but I don't see the need when on the commandline it simply works and ..... if it doesn't I get error messages as to why not. :nod:

  • Manjaro and Arch use Network-Manager just like E16, there's no difference.

Not quite sure what you mean by that but on my PineBook64 running Manjaro, it definitely is not available.
And rightly so, considering Mullvad AB is a commercial enterprise.

@triantares, i just had to do:
yay -S mullvad-bin
(I'm "using" Endeavour, addicted to Manjaro for a long time...)
& gui appears !
As usual GBedi keeps on telling me that i have to add amd64 arch. using dpkg...
I'll do my best not to do the same mistakes i did previouly.
I'm no dev, for sure !
So this time i will not destroy this distro & all the work that others did!
Thanks for reply

That would mean you're on 32 bit Elive and effectively cannot install x64 packages.
Mullvad doesn't ship 32bit versions.

So crossgrade your Elive up to x64 if you want to have Mullvad.

Thanks again... Last time i tryied to crossgrade
i just killed the distro !
I had to re-install everything,tuning & so on.
So now i'm kind of cautious...
And for this machine (HPEliteBook,refurbished-ssd evo, ram 16g)
i'll do without Mullvad
I dont want to ruin once again all the work/time spent by me AND all.

Mainly because you made a strange mix of advice from different places and distros, of which quite a few have dubious or distro specific content.

There is only ONE source of good Elive advice .... and that is here on this forum.

The crossgrade function has been in use for a long time and works perfectly well. I've never seen it fail under normal circumstances but the decision is, of course entirely yours. :nod:

  • And as word of advice: Never ever run commands (especially with sudo) copy/pasted from the web w.o 100% certainty as to what they're doing and why.

BTW NordVPN is arch agnostic (i.e----all.deb) so maybe consider switching, if you want to stay safe? :thinking:

@triantares, i DO understand you & well most of the time
i never copy/paste from unreliable sources...
Must admit i just f.cked-up the thing, but it was last time...
My wich is to run this great system safely and if there is a safe
way to crossgrade i'm ready for it !
I may be pretty dumb but i do trust advises from this forum.
I guess it is THE place.
But i'm quite sure that this means another tut for i guess i'm not the only reader
interested in going for x84!
Yes 32b machines are...still running, but sooner or a bit later, i wonder.
As a French i started with Goupil,TO7...Decades away
But we all keep on moving... I do like:
uname -a
Linux fwa 5.7.0-0.bpo.2-686 #1 SMP Debian 5.7.10-1~bpo10+1 (2020-07-30) i686 GNU/Linux
I'm no longer spending to much time on
In fact==>I found
Back soon- Thanks

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Don't get me wrong.
I'm a strong proponent of experiments and taking apart stuff. I'm a total hacker, in the sense that I'll happily take apart anything I don't understand to see how it works. There's only one motto I follow there: Re-assembly is dis-assembly in reverse order --- so keep everything in order when taking it apart!

"Uh-oh!" is the one thing my family dreads to hear from me when I'm "repairing" their stuff.
I'm sure there's quite a few here on this forum who can relate to that. :madness:

I've fu**up more machines, PCs and laptops than I care to think about and let's not even begin about software and such .... it's almost my life story. :hot:

When experimenting (i.e going on thin ice), just be very careful where to look for the issue as 9/10 it's PEBCAK.
So just keep up trying out stuff, think twice and try again before commenting and when you do comment: Be very specific --- it'll save a lot of time and space.

Happy hacking. :nod: