Import openVPN ( NordVPN) config file


I am used to import openVpn " norvpn" config file quite easily.

in Elive, it is asking for the certificate… Usually I only have to input the user and password after importing an NordVpn " openvpn" config file

Any help / suggestions are welcome

ELIVE IS Soooooo FAST… Getting addicted !


Maybe an old package that is using old certificate validation?

Does googling for this type of vpn configuration + “debian wheezy” shows any useful result ? (a bug report, a howto, etc)


sorry i’m newbie… how can you import " norvpn" config file? what system do you use?

I have Express VPN but i try to connect manually but i can’t at the moment…




I know how to do it manualy and did it
but not using the GUI


i have express vpn… but i think it is the same… only i obtain this :S

sudo openvpn amsterdam_udp.ovpn
Options error: Unrecognized option or missing parameter(s) in amsterdam_udp.ovpn:12: verify-x509-name (2.2.1)
Use --help for more information.



Not supposed to happen O.o, x509 is windows certificate. Try a virus scan on it, anyway I’d recommend Mullvad over Express. It’s cheaper, and Express have many undesirable traits in it regarding privacy.

Not to mention ExpressVPN having it’s logo plastered over a huge skyscraper in Shenzhen, China.


Thanks for the advice. you’re right mullvad is better then expressvpn. I did not know that vpn.

thank you