Improving the zsh help text?

I don't know if eltrans has the option to change things like this but given that i dont have an account and it's not fully finished yet...

These are two lines of what you get when you type help into zsh:

- if you work in a common dir called git, type "cd d,git<TAB>" and you will
  - pressing "ctrl + e" and then a dot, will insert the last typed word again
    (useful for similar words/dirs in your commands)
    be expanded to it

And I was already confused. cd d,git<TAB> and I will ...???
And when you remove the parenthesis in the second line it gets ultraconfusing:
Pressing ctrl-e and then a dot will insert the last typed word again be expanded to it

Another example of unclarity:

- autocompletions with extreme possibilities, for example, try:
    - kill <TAB>
    - xkill -id <TAB>

What's the difference between this and normal distro autocompletion?

Etc etc etc...

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nope, it cannot translate this part and also not the applications menus entries

mmh the problem of eltrans now is that to change the english sentences it -must- comply the "google translator methodolgy check", which means: yes an english sentence improvement can be made but it also needs to be verified with this check :thinking: and I don't know yet how to implement this if cannot be done in the same translating moment...

sorry, the "expanded to it" line seems to be related to the previous sentence :slight_smile: and then everything becomes clear, I think you received a notification from github about:

(and yes, this is the file that can be modified with a pull request :))

i think it can be long to explain on this short "help", but as it says, try it :slight_smile: , just type "kill" or "xkill" and press TAB, it will autocomplete with a list of detailed processes you can kill