In the free open source world, the complete experience need to be smooth else Bye Bye

I just tried Linux distro I won’t name for my TV PC ( to watch movie). For now I am not using elive as it is does not recognize my HDMI as a sound output… I will install ELive on my TV computer later when a new version solve that audio / HDMI problem)

The other distro I won’t name is cool but :

I had some question / glitch I needed to solve and the Support process was painful, it was enough for me to say Bye Bye… ( either pay or use their free forum tool that has some complicated/frustrating registration process)

My point sharing this is : Good job for the new forum tool, new web site, Chat, and your continuous effort to make the Elive experience fun and smooth.

We need to always be heading for an EASY experience ( access the info, install, get support, download etc) and you are on the right path !

A frustrated user won’t continue for a long time if the installation or download or support is painful… There are a lot of other distros to try…

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Remember that Elive includes a media center :wink:

You should be able to configure the audio to output from this device, tell me if is not the case, showing me the output of: cat /proc/asound/cards

Which distro is that? Im curious about why not naming it lol, but that experience is something strange in the open source world, so im curious to know which distro does that

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Yes I totally agree, by other side I just want to remember that the only reason of the “not so friendly processes” (like needed to donate or wait 2 days for download) is just and only for the need to get donations, there’s no another reason

And just for curiosity, I was looking the statistics these days and this is some interesting info:

  • the average visitors to the website per day are 300 per day
  • the average of downloads with the donation widget in the downloads page is 10 downloads per day
  • people downloads Elive x3 times more when there’s not the donation thing (but the direct download instead), which avoids a good percentage (300%) of possible new users, so 30 downloads per day
  • the new website, (the actual one at this day, with only home page and direct download), without the donation widget makes people download Elive x5 times more (50 downloads per day)

Agree, and unfortunately this happened to Elive in many forms too, (like stubborn/boring donation requirements, not-fully-working beta versions, etc)

Fortunately, this version 3.0 will be the most smooth experience :slight_smile:, maybe switching from time to time with the “direct download” and “delayed download” when donations will be needed, since there will be not donations at all when there’s not this widget (which fortunately don’t stops anybody to still perfectly download elive in a not-painful way, just avoids some lazy less-interested people to try it… but at least the new website should show them enough “how good is elive” before to decide if download or not)

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ok will do later today