Indirectly a good point for us

The side comments on Enlightenment in general and E16 specifically are exactly my thoughts.
We should take heart and apply more effort into making E16 shine. :nod:

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Definitely agreed by me. E16 is epic, but only if you give it a good configuration. :nod:

So - what I'm proposing is -

  1. Create an epic retro version of elive.
  2. Polish it up.
  3. Give it to magazines or whatever the plan was.
  4. Start with e2*.
  5. Profit with a great retro system. :1up:

Totally right ...... this was something that was planned and got lost somewhere.

Your point 4 (start E2*) I'm not so sure the sense that by the time that's really usable (for us) Buster will have been replaced by Bullseye.
So might as well connect Buster/E16/Retro/Minimal ..... it's what we've got and IMO it's stable enough to call it that, i.e Stable-Retro.

A slightly worrying thing is that a lot of stuff we use isn't Elive optimized, like those apps that come from Gnome having their own task-bars built-in. :face_with_thermometer:

That's always really annoying to me. Like, it's the window manager job not you programmer !

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