Installation profiles, full modularity, specific purposes

Could be amazing if Elive is not limited to only what it is (even if stills universal as debian and you can customized on it by your own anything that you want), but maybe could be nice to include pre-packed options for the installer.

These "packed options" could be like "music composition", "graphical designers", etc..

My idea is that these packs should be made by the community :excited: (finally a better (easier) community involvement), and this idea should be very well structured (let me say, all these "pack apps for linux" are crap lol)

For example:

  • they will have a needed structure:
    • extra repos to include
    • packages to install
    • packages to remove
    • pre/post scripts needed to run
    • signature of authenticity by the author
    • revision (verification) of the code to run by the user
    • dynamic and always "up to date" (data always newly fetch from upstream)
    • ranking and comments structure
    • a way to report bugs to the author of the pack

This can be a very novelty and unique idea in the linux world :slight_smile:

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When you have time, try installing

After the installation, they made part of the installation process some options and installing them for you

I think what you want to do sound like that


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Thanks, I will download it and make a look :slight_smile:

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I can second that recommendation on Bunsenlabs - its my other OS when I want a light 64bit solution...

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Agreed about bunsen labs and you should consider using arch linux for the base if you go modular. Its the distribution I always end up going back to because gentoo is really cool but way too much time and slackware makes me find dependencies by hand. Don't forget to use realtime kernel sources if you do a pro sound version.