Installer module page should NOT use wordpress

Trying out 2.0 here, and it requires an installermodule. So it fired up Iceweasel, and I couldnt see which fields were which - I had to boot up chrome and load the page, just to see which field was email and which was promo code etc.

I think that the installer-module page should not use wordpress, it should use just a custom or old website specially designed for it, so that iceweasel works.

BTW: Going to try palemoon "soon". I just extracted with asn online tool that works with chrome - theres nothing built in for xz's. (Zip online, unzip, unrar, rar, extract online, B1, uncompress files, archive)

Yes there is. I've got "xzcat" of which I pipe the output. :+1:

on 2.0?

Well anyway, I extracted it, and there's a missing dependency. I didn't want to muck around too much but someone else can try if they really want.

No, I missed that. :man_facepalming:

There should be a lot considering how old it is.