Installing Elive on an HP Pavilion DV6, RIGHT NOW

I'm currently installing on the HP and would like to know if there's fingerprint reader software that would recognize the reader hardware.


Finally got around to installing fprint.d, configuring it and registering right index finger but upon reboot, no challenge for fingerprint although the login screen is still there and functional.

Update: Had to read whole page carefully; all instructions are there and accurate.

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@triantares Thank you. Working beautifully. Should I throw up a howto?

A howto for elive? always welcome :slight_smile:

Could be nice to have the fingerprint featured as the boot password (encryption unlock) and/or desktop authentication

Yes, please do. :slight_smile:
If you do that in the "Howto" category ..... it will be wiki-like and others can add or change if required.

fprintd and libpam-fprintd is doing the latter on the HP Pavilion now in addition to sudo authentication but I don't see why not. HDD (Don't laugh...) has bad blocks so I didn't opt for encryption during installation or after. Have another HDD (c'mon, I hear ya laughing...) I will install and then reinstall Elive with encryption, fprintd, and libpam and let you know sometime before Tuesday if all goes well.

I was reading some article in a feed the other day about how Windows Bitlocker has been known to slow down the speed of PCs significantly. I don't have to worry about that if I choose to encrypt my Elive installs in the future, right?

The howto is taking longer than I thought; @triantares supplied me with a link that just led to more and more info (In addition to helping set up fingerprint authentication) that I want to put to the test before publishing the howto. Gotta see how this info and s/w holds up under the command line. Bear with me guys...

We will and be sure to test on various hardware, if possible.
You'll be surprised how different chipsets can have very different outcomes.

I can't say I've seen noticable speed differences on my encrypted systems.....but then, I don't run that on HDDs. :rofl2:

At the moment I only have access to two (2) systems with biometric hardware; the HP Pavilion that is the topic of this thread and an old Lenovo ThinkPad, the model number and year of manufacture elude me. Will try to get at the Lenovo next weekend but want to have the howto up as soon as I run every argument and option that fprint and libpam-fprint have on the HP.

Even on Windoze it was evident the effect that software had on Windoze because of the different hardware.

Ouch! Knew you were gonna laugh, but hey, the wallet isn't what it used to be... But thanks, will try encryption in Elive.

Encryption in Elive uses the fastest-but-secure algorithm, I didn't seen any performance impact but I didn't tried with slow machines (it will be more slow because of the cpu than the hd speed btw)

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