Installing Elive

How come it is that when you purchase a download that there are no complete instructions to download the required app (Etcher), get it working to copy Elive to a USB since, just like Zorin OS, you gladly take my money, and give no instructions on how to make it work. Not everyone knows a lot of computer literacy. Some of us have diminished mental capacity due to illness so instructions have to be at a twelve year old reading ability to me. See this makes me know want to demand a refund since I cannot get the support I need. Leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth. Please prove me wrong. Thank you.

Welcome to the forum! :applause:
Sorry that was your experience. :face_with_head_bandage:

Once you download Etcher, open it and click "Select Image" and choose the image you downloaded.
Then, click "Select Target" and select the USB disk you want to put Elive on. It will be erased, so be careful!
Then, click flash.

If you have any other questions, just ask. :smiley14:

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Hello hardrocknog420,
welcome to the forum. Nice to have you around.

I'll try to explain it for a 12 years old:
The money you are spend is very appreciated. It is used for the core development and to keep the servers for the infrastructure (download, this forum, ...) running.
Most of the people here have a 'real job' to pay the rent. We are here for fun and like to improve Elive, because we are believing in this project. In the goal to have a pretty eye-candy operating system on as much devices as possible. In fact the team is very small.

As I know there is no promise to get full support to run Elive at any specific hardware. There is a invitation to try a great, easy to use, pretty to look at software solution.
Try to buy a Mountainbike and make the vendor responsible that you can't ride a trail. The vendor of the bike just try to make the best Mountain Bike for a reasonable price. He don't know the trails, mountains or even streets you want to ride.

In compare, take Microsoft Windows. It is installed on nearly every new computer. Buy, plug into power and use. Have you ever tried to call Microsoft, because your printer isn't working? Because you need to reinstall? Because your new game isn't working? Good luck.
I know it, because I am the guy who is called if anything isn't working at any computer, bike, car or toaster.

So, please adjust your demands and ask a useable question. Even with the ability of a 12 year old you should be able to
a. describe what you are seeing
b. describe what you are expecting
c. describe the difference between these two or what you already have tried to fix it.

There are a lot of different PC with different ways to get 'Start from USB'. If we don't know what you are seeing, we just can asume. And the answer won't be 'for a 12 years old'. More something like:


All the info is included in the website (in the FAQ section for example), I check all from time to time to be as much reachable as possible (and not overwhelming information/popups about everything), and looking the steps of the "user-experience" trying to improve always it.

But talking about this specific step, after the donation has been made:

  • the user is redirected to the download page where there's the download buttons and the instructions of how to record the USB
  • an email is also sent to the user (email set on the paypal account) with the downloads links and the importance to follow the instructions

On the other hand I'm sure that everything on the website can be improved, for example maybe in the download-page after the donation the instructions links are not clear and I didn't noticed that :slight_smile: , or maybe can be good to add an image of an USB with a green arrow (as an example) to help to point the user attention to that place, what i mean is that I try to do my best making things reachable on the website & intuitive but I know its not perfect (unfortunately this takes me a lot of time)

So feedbacks about how to improve that is always welcome, but I need to know more specific details or the recommended changes to do, for example:

  • after the donation I seen the download buttons but no instructions at all are included on that page
  • the page with the instructions are writer in a difficult to understand English
  • the instructions should be included between A and B
  • the instructions should appear just after the user does C
  • after to donate, the downloads page looks beautiful but is not clear the steps (download -> instructions to record -> instructions to boot), so could be good to have it with big headers "step 1, step 2, step 3"

If I read the original post well enough:

It looks like more of a case of missing 'adequate' instructions on how to install and run 'etcher' on another OS (I suspect Windows.).

That's a big downside of not having Linux pre-installed on hardware .... it's always a 'Do It Yourself' affair with all the complications of that.
We have come a long way though, considering the boot methods we've been using in the beginning ....... Remember 'loadlin' ? :scream_cat:

Now it boils down to correctly burning to USB where the real issue is that Ubuntu does this differently than others and alas, most Howtos on the net are geared to that.