Installing Enlightenment 17

Hello everyone, its me again,

is it possible to install Enlightenment 17 Version 17.6 (the one from Elive 3.0) on Elive 3.8 Beta? The Build fails all the time when Edje trys to build the Default Theme (Default.edc/edje) for Enlightenment. I already have tried work around it but i cant get it to work.

Im using EFL 1.25.

Maybe Enlightenment 17 was once build for new Elive in the development process, so that there are already patches or something to make it work?

Would love to find someone who could help me out.

If you do 'apse e17' you'll see by the output that you can simply install E17 on your current Elive. Keep in mind though that if you've got E25 or E26 (enlightenment) already installed, it will get removed. :shocked:

Customizing it to be exactly the same as the E17 in old stable is a bit of work and know that certain utilities from 3.0.6 aren't available anymore.

I personally would advise installing/using E26 and customizing that to your desire...but then that's just me. :wink:

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No unfortunately it's not possible, basically E17 is not really compatible with newer OSes and will have many bugs, the best E17 you can have is the package e17-moksha which can more or less work but it has some bugs also, the best is to move towards E26 but to have it "nice as in the 3.0 stable version" it will equires elive first to make it ready (usable, preconfigured, themed, adapted). You can also try to customize it yourself like @triantares said

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Which on my test machne (Buster based Elive) , when I tested, the 'applications" menu was empty whereas on the simple E17 package it did work ...... which was just as well as the 'ibar' (dock) refused to appear.
Simple E17 with the 'e17-theme-elive-light' package comes closest in visual aspect, minus the dock.

  • Hence my (and your's) E26 advice. :innocent:

Thanks for all the advice. Is it possible to make E26 look more like old E? I dont really like the (Default) Style of new EFL, are there some themes that give a Retro Look?

Maybe even something like Lucax (damn i love that Theme)

We had some posts on that following this:

Both themes mentioned there can be downloaded from:

Mind you all the themes are dark as a base. Light versions will be made and added in due time, depending on demand.
Playing around with the bar and different shelves allow for a lot of options. Maybe even too many, so a Howto might be called for. :idea:

Oh yes, there's a Howto in the make in that same repo (I forgot):