Installing JAVA RTE

Hi there! I used to run vassal app on my linux computers since many years. I just intalled your beautiful elive environnement and cannot find the way to get/install openjdk. Some help?

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On Linux, especially Elive, the TAB key is your friend in the terminal. :smiley:

Here is a demo:

You can also use the TAB key to navigate through the TAB key list... but that's not in the video.

api == sudo apt install; apsh == apt show

To install the openjdk runtime environment it's as as easy as typing "api openjdk-11-jre" in the terminal.
If you want a list of available jdk instances do a search with: "apse openjdk" and take your pick.

For a GUI go to "Administration"->"Software" and search for openjdk.

IMO the results there are very unclear compared to the terminal.

The highest available version in the Software GUI is 17 opposing 11 in the repositories (terminal). Personally I'd stick to the version in the repositories (i.e 11), it has LTS and is guaranteed to work.

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Many thanks to you guys! With your quick response, and efficiency, I am now able to run java apps on my new elive computer ! I'm in love with the desktop!
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