Installing latest Chrome on Elive Stable 3.0

Hi all!

Yesterday I've installed the stable version of Elive (Wheezy). I use some app for video conference like GoToMeeting and Google Meet. Both of them need the latest version of Chrome Web Browser.

Actually, this version cames with version 48 and it is not supported so far. I need to install the new version but I experienced some issues when I tried to install the google-chrome-stable.

I received this error message when I used dpkg -i : dpkg-deb contains not understood data member control.tar.xz

My dpkg version is 1.16.18

Thanks for attention and help

Hello @leafar and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately you cannot be able to install a newer version of chrome in Elive, Elive 3.0 includes the last version available ever of chrome for 32 bits, you will need to switch to Elive 64 bits (elive beta versions) if you want a newer version of chrome, or, if you need / want to use 32bits you can also use also chromium (fork of chrome) that works on 32 bits, but in any of the cases you will need to use the beta versions of elive

they works very good and are very stable,, but the expreience compared to the stable version is pretty differnt! :slight_smile:

no, chrome is a fork of chromium

Ahem, have you checked the thread "palemoon on 3.0.6 stable"?

palemoon is a very good option but not for him , he needs a recent chrome specifically to use G meeting things :slight_smile:

Two words — user-agent switcher