Interfaces, UX, and design brainstorm

Thinking about how desktops are designed and what options are and were available I 'm quite interested in how others see this here.
Think tile based like Win8 or OsX like touch centric or win95 based like Mate, who has preferences there and why?
Personally I've got fond memories of afterstep/nextstep which is basically the root of OsX.
Open to all suggestions what would be clutter free, modern, easy and especially not get in the way when working.
Until now Elive wifh the elivelight theme comes closest to my ideal but now there's e16 to tame.

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For to be honest,
after reading this 4x - I still don't understand what you wanted to express at all.

Are you involved in the development of the DE or what is the Intention behind -
or just want us to discuss about personally DE preferences,
or ... ???

Frankly I want hear what choices, tweaks and personalized apps people use.

I'm trying to wrap my brain around what a GUI-interface/DE could look like in the future. One that isn't built on existing interfaces and the expectations those create after prolonged use.
Windows (especially win95) and Apple monopolized the look and feel as later OsX (swipe & pinch) did for touch interfaces.

In the late 70's at the art- academy we were asked to experiment with a Xerox gadget that later became the mouse.
I thought it was idiotic and strongly advised against it. Actually I still dislike it and find it counter intuitive.

So being a tad older and wiser, I'm polling others for their input before I make up my mind.
On top, with a bit of luck
it could beget some nice new ideas.
And yes, I'm sort of designing the DE I would like to use if my QubeOs like build ever gets done.

Then I have found the right person finally:
Can you -
get the "Marlin" FileManager of 'Al Monkey'
to work with GTK2, GTK3 and Back to live?
The code is still at GitHub available.
I would even pay for it to get it done.

Would be also a perfect replacement for the dull Thunar as default in e17...

Say some

Me too,
I have a vision that is something like a
hermaphrodite between a touchpad and Touchscreen.
For text in- and out -put using speech.
Actually Google is already heading fast forward to this with their KI environment.

Where our role will be in this scenario....
I dunno yet

gtk2 or 3?
I doubt that very much. I've got so many projects lined up that they'll last me a lifetime.

But ....... pray tell. What exactly is it that Marlin has for you that others don't.

Me personally, I grew up with Norton Commander and thus ''mc'' is the first thing I install ...
after which ''guake'' so that I always have my filemanager overlayed and ready under F12. :happy:

Millers Columns.

Done! :rofl2:
Marlin - GTK3 file manager - LinuxLinks

Thats for Ubuntu but will prolly install and if not: install from source. :work:

sorry bad connection in Bayern to nunich on train

LOL clear to see :wink:

For me
I started also at this way on a Commodore PC10......
Later on
I realized very quick that Macinitosh will be the right way for me in 1986,
it was fuckin expensive though.
Then I became 10 years later a professional supporter for Mac in the Desktop Publishing branch and I learned a lot.
Since I became a so called Mac"power user" and enjoyed the this visual way of
file management with all the very extended Drag&Drop possibilities that only Mac offers until today. It is the exact contrary how do you look on the stuff as NC user...
Well, this can be a good thing; in Linux we are always using a part of both worlds
without realizing it always, cause we just do it (in our own way).

Marlin, ya Marlin was a fork which died unfortunately.
It works quite well on Ubuntu 14.04 based DEs but later on not anymore.
Dolphin had this feature, called Millers Columns - (see pic attached) a longer while ago (I think KDE 3.smthg), too.
! Me - and am very sure about that - many others misses this feature too much.
And so
is my idea to have the only File Manager with Millers Columns in the world
and offer it as shareware. The Audience group are (former) Mac users.
For Elive it would be an attraction for e17 64bit then ( freeware)

And no, am not just dreaming, I have this in my mind for more than 3 years meanwhile.

(This is a Cinnamon desktop, btw)

W T F ?
GTK3 ? when did they do this ?!?!?!???
will check
and then YOU will make it compatible for our e17, OK ? :omfg::w00t::nod:

ahm, no.
"Marlin is currently under development and hasn't been released yet. The version in the PPA is for testing purposes only!"

... and works with Ubuntu 14.04 _ Trusty Tahr _ and not above.....


So? we are in testing too, aren't we. :rofl2:
go get the source
I can,t. Only got my Jolla along to Austria. Just left Munchen.

cant install this ppa anymore

And what about ElementaryOS' Pantheon filemanager?
Its supposed to be the next itteration of Marlin and built on latest Ubuntu.

BTW Do NOT add their ppa (or any other 3rd party ppa, unless you're very very sure!

Ubuntu ppa's cause trouble 9/10 here.

Just download the package and install it manually.

Forget about it


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Sorry for my brevity now and then.
clunky network (or none) and small virt keyboard on my Jolla.
Just left Salzburg, Austrian local train has excellent wifi. :dance:

have you already tried plan9 ? :slight_smile: How to use Plan9 in Linux - that's an experience from other planet! (and it has very unique features)

Suggestion: we should change this thread to the #get-involved:designs category ?

hum, looks good, I will test it in the future
also "pcmanfm" is a nice similar thunar (much lighter) alternative :thinking:

But keep in mind, that it needs (own) extensions to work properly, like network support (Samba) and root access.
In comparison to Thunar is it more attractive because of the double-window feature.

BTW im totally in favour of "new usability / interfaces / UX" researches and possible future implementations :slight_smile:

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Then bring Marlin back to live
or find someone who can do it!
Then you would really have a world-unique OS....