Introducing the elive-pm tool

Let's say welcome to the new magnificent tool for power-management your Elive system, called elive-pm

It will be the correct way to shutdown / reboot / suspend / etc (and even lock) your computer ! :cheerleader:

Running the tool without parameters will show you all the available options

It will feature things like:

  • verify no important processes are running before to shutdown, like apt / dpkg proccesses, on which case will inform the user and wait for them to finish (no more troubles with this! w00t!)
  • fallback calls, translated messages, reports, checks, etc...
  • verify of errors when performing suspend / hibernate
  • verify and inform about possible data loss when recovering from suspend (this should never happen, but it will check for this since is a very important thing to know for the users)


  • lock will lock your e16 desktop and blank the screen by default
  • e16 will use the new elive-pm callbacks instead (version 3.8.10 will suggest you to update your desktop because of that)


  • @triantares this tool will solve these "waiting processes" stuff from systemd by checking them before, i have listed apt / apt-get / dpkg, but there can be also other processes that can run too that wont allow to perform the shutdown, suggestions about which ones?


  • This is a nice "feature announcement" published, but only a few of elive users is going to know about it (the ones that reads this thread), while there can be thousands more to know about it... this means that it should be wrote a kind of newsletter about elive sometimes ?

I suspect that "laptop mode tools" messes with the scripts too. It might be worth keeping an eye on those too, especially because some settings there are sometimes very unclear on what they do or don't and what effect they have on other settings.

Hum, laptop-mode-tools is a daemon that triggers actions for power-related things, not a process itself (it can run commands but is not a staying process), im not sure what can cause from it to stayd...

In any case I don't have seen issues in my computers related to laptop-mode @triantares , so maybe is related to your hardware specifically, they way to know what causes it to stay is the different features from laptop-mode, for example, if you are able to easily reproduce the issue you can try to disable the bluetooth features and see if this was the cause, or other ones, etc... important: do not edit it from the gui, do it manually from the /etc/laptop-mode files and restart the daemon, seems like the gui is not fully working

It does give that impression but if you check the files the changes do get made.

I think it has to do with my hardware as I'm seeing this intermittently as well:

kernel: [191462.656406] DMAR: DRHD: handling fault status reg 2
Apr 3 20:32:12 localhost kernel: [191462.656419] DMAR: [DMA Write] Request device [00:16.7] PASID ffffffff fault addr ccdff000 [fault reason 02] Present bit in context entry is clear

Where I'm not in the clear if this is a virtualization problem or not. :thinking:
I did find an older Arch post advising to add "intel_iommu=off " as a kernel boot parameter but haven't tried it yet.

Another thought is that E23 does not happily co-exist with other system-tools and might be the cause of some of my misfortunes. I do use E23 on a daily basis otherwise I'll never stumble upon strange bugs. :shocked:

Sounds cool, now people can use eltrans to translate it!

...oh yeah, eltrans is broken :neutral_face:

seems like related to gfx card things

hum, that's an important topic, so all our tests should be based uppon e16 at the moment, just because:

  • is the default desktop
  • it should not have problems with other tools (it doesn't has any in fact, so it just uses what you tell him to use)

so, first we need to make sure that e23 is not the cause of the issue, and if is, then elive itself has not any issue (yet) but is good to have it solved for e23 too, so first thing to do is to see the power configurations in e23 and also trying if you can switch the systemd settings to the elive-pm ones

btw, these logs / iommu thing you show is related to glx so maybe disabling hardware-acceleration in e23 (switching to software) may solve the issue :thinking:

I will fix it soon :slight_smile:

BTW have you tried to boot with the 4.19 kernel? it seems to be more stable (and faster to shutdown) in one of my computers, where I have also seen "laptop-mode" messages in the shutdown of the live mode

Will it work in E23?

It should work ....."i3lock-dpms" and "i3lock-fancy" work well enough.

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yes but should be not needed, e23 has its own lock system and should be better to use than an external one

about elive-pm itself and other commands, yes they should all work in e23 too