Is Elive a good linux distro option for gaming?

Hi, can this be used for gaming? im planning on playing cd games like: doom, wolfenstein ,quake, halo, metro, war of the ring, age of mythology, starcraft, age of empires, elder scrolls and etc. also, play gog games too.

also using it for entertainment as well.

It's definitely possible! It hasn't been completely tuned for gaming, though, so you might get a better experience with a gaming-oriented distro.

Elive's basically Debian with a lot of tweaks, though, so most tutorials for Debian should work fine!

cool, thanks. s o i need to look for a good distro for gaming.

im looking at the ones like haiku, reborn os, storm os, midnightbsd, lonero os, endeavour os, kaos os and exodia os. which one do you suggest?

haiku is still in beta 5. maybe awhile before it officially out of beta.

Well we at Elive do tend to recommend Elive :madness:
Depending on the hardware it has an upside that with Elive (Beta) the DE itself has very low requirements, leaving more resources for gaming.

low requirements?

thats good actually. makes it useful and unique to other distros.

how can i download the free one for the 64 bit version?

now it says needs javascript enabled with the submit review.

can this work for my nvidia geforce gtx 1050 ti and amd ryzen 7 18800x eight core processor?

do i need setup a network or will it do it automatically?

It'll probably work - if you run into any issues, let us know!

Assuming you have a network card, Elive will attempt to read network settings from an existing Linux or Windows installation, if there is one. Otherwise, you'll need to select it manually. (Unless you use Ethernet, in which case it should be automatic)

i couldnt get elive with networking down. i couldn't figured it out how to get network working. so i had to switch back to windows. but im still learning and determine to get the WiFi working.

what do i need to do?

is there guide for this?

Wel it's hard to gather exactly what your issue is but if it's about connecting to a wifi AccessPoint from EliveBeta in live-mode:
Just click on the the network symbol in the top left of the screen (or in the dock) and choose your AP.
After which a popup will show asking the password (if needed).

  • TIP: Whenever you think that a connection has dropped, open a terminal and type:
    ping -c 3
    and if you get an answer you'll know for sure that you're connected. If that's OK then type:
    ping -c3
    to find out if DNS is OK.

If you think it's a hardware issue than do add the output of
inxi -n
to your question.
For all probed hardware info use:
inxi -F

Note: since the installer its updated in any beta version, maybe this bug recently found is related