Is it possible to get newest E (e25) on Elive?

We can run e24, but would it be possible to have e25 running on elive?

Even better ...... Elive always has the latest and greatest version.

If you've kept your system uptodate ('apug' a lot :innocent: ) you'll see you've had E25 for quite a while already.

Mine is on Bullseye but Buster base has the same, it's an 'Elive repo' package.



BTW, to show a specific package, apsh doesn't search, it just shows. :slight_smile:

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the next bullseye build will have a better support for e25+ :slight_smile: (seems like there's a bug in xorg that makes it crash after a while in buster)

I hadn't noticed yet.... tell more.

I've got Buster running in Virtualbox running E25 in E16 and it doesn't break down.

Maybe the question should be rephrased, as in, is there a way to make e25 run on a laptop that has e17 installed. The laptop is a discontinued 32-bit Dell Latitude, and has skipped the e16 phase altogether. There is nothing wrong with e16 -- it was my production desktop for a decade -- but I was thinking of leapfrogging to e24 (most likely a full-blown install), on this defunct laptop.

At present, e25 can be obtained from Bodhi (with a one-off standalone beta release) or on top of Slackware 15-- thanks to a certain Swedish volunteer on

this is a totally different setup! :slight_smile: lol

I don't know much, from what i recall is a bug in xorg with intel cards, so the best was to simply move over buster...

in other words, to have the bug you need to run it on real hardware (not vbox, which uses a different graphic card) and not from another desktop (which is not a normal xorg server) seems like also you are using wayland? (which is not xorg)

basically it happens on my ThinkPad t460s every X minutes, like 15 maybe, using it, so I'm not able to use it at all

not tried yet on bullseye but will do soon :slight_smile:

mmh, I'm quite confused, if you are using e17 is because you are using wheezy and not buster, so:

  • e17 don't work on buster or up
  • new efl (that works with e25) cannot make e17 work
    so basically no, you can't have both
    but if you have the luck to use e17 i don't recommend you to switch to e25 :slight_smile:
    e25 should be better for a totally different distro (newer distro, so you can upgrade your old laptop in the future but that depends of how efficient the memory is managed on it too)

I've only got thinkpads(with Intel cards) and I haven't had it happening to me yet.
Admittedly I use E16 as preferred workhorse so. It could be that I never give it enough time.


I've had E25 running for 11 hours straight on a Thinkpad Carbon X1 (3rd gen) and on a Thinkpad Helix2 without any glitches at all. :happy:

How can you see that from that Vbox window? :thinking:

On the same X1, now running from USB:

Oww, could it be you're still running Stable on that?
Check out my review of 3.8.27 on an old Acer, it runs incredibly well on that old hardware.
In 3.8.27 it's just a matter of 'api enlightenment'

can be a specific driver version, not sure, but in any case doesn't matter, buster is dead :slight_smile: tomorrow i will upload a pre-release of bullseye

I will also give it to the Patrons as a "privileged" download, I may promote this idea in the News so that it can motivate to get possibly (a bit) more patrons :thinking:

window-title says "WL" :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

new beta's on e16 runs really pleasant and stable, but the stable version offers a very nice user experience (and featured), this is not yet integrated on new beta's, 'api enligthenment' still requires a lot of work (so big that I'm scared to only think on that)

Yes but that would mean wayland is installed/used by default??? :thinking:
That E24 window you see there is the one that gets opened when using 'x-window-manager' as command. And it's the same on all my machines, be it Bullseye or Buster based.

no, wayland will be used in the future, for now let's just stick at normal xorg for compat and easeness, we will move to wayland later (if possible), also more integrated, but of course you are free to already use it on your own :slight_smile: (and / or report bugs to phab)

x-window-manager is an "alternative" set by the packages:
~ ❯❯❯ file /etc/alternatives/x-window-manager
/etc/alternatives/x-window-manager: symbolic link to /usr/bin/starte16

its a traditional feature of debian but also somewhat limited, just use WM that you want instead and that's all :slight_smile:

The point was that it was using wayland by default and I didn't remember ever installing/using that.
Apparently E25 takes over the link ('/usr/bin/enlightnment') when it's installed but I'll have a harder look at why it's defaulting to wayland. :thinking:

Clearly it doesn't use lightdm so it would require calling it's own display manager. Makes sense.

well you need to simply run it in xorg mode, (how do you run e16? i don't think it works on wayland), having lightdm installed is the easiest (and compatible way, you can have dbus or similar errors if you don't), if you run from console it will be run wayland, if you run from console "startx /usr/bin/enlightnement_start" it will run an xorg with e25, if you use Xnest it will run it on an xorg window, etc...

I don't it throws an error an error on startup.