Is the news page easy to find?

In the old website we had a "news" menu with different sections of news inside, so the user can select which types of news wants... actually we can summarize all of the news to a simple, single section, just "news", that's good

The question is, is in the actual website the news page easy to find?

What I exactly meant about UX is that a single menu looks friendly to be "a clickable thing", but when a menu includes a submenu, is psychologically easy to know that the "main" menu is ALSO a link? (because on this one is where the News page rely's)

I like it like this, easy and intuitive

Honestly, i think it isn’t. Once the mouse arrow is on the news button, the submenu opens and people usually think that the submenu lists all the available options, so they don’t always click directly on it. I think you should add to the submenu the link to the news too.

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Thank you, done! :applause:

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