Issues recording USB's

There's an important issue in the UX of the website especifially...

Lots of people download Elive and then records the USB using exotic tools (the ones that they knows / are used to), while it is very important to use the suggested tools by Elive, because most of these tools makes modifications in the system making it unable to boot, or introduces incompatibilities / issues, just like a different bootloader which will not include the extra features like being able to install nvidia drivers...

So its very important to use the suggested tools and not other ones to record the USB, but how to make this clear to the users to understand?

Suggestions welcome, please make a look to the UX / interactivity of the website, download process etc... to see where these things can be included in detail, I will update also the "download emails" to include this information too

well as a first, instead of only talking about the GUI tools:
At the least add the "dd" command (including the "status=progress" flag for some verbosity) that can be copied to the terminal/commandline.

You'll be surprised how many people copy/paste without questioning.

I'm not sure if it still exists but IIRC Windows/DOS had a similar tool called "rawrite" or such.....but frankly, I doubt we'll be having many Windows converts.
I think most will be coming from other distros or maybe even a few from Apple.

Oh yeah, I think I used that in WinXP a year or two ago to flash DOS install floppies. Good times, good times.