Keyboard / TouchPad interaction / typos

I remember, years ago, when using Elive, I was going nut with the number of typos I was doing and to be more specific, was doing way more mistake than with other distro.

Meaning, I'm in the middle of typing something and suddenly I'm not in the Text box anymore etc

It may be has to do with the TouchPad configuration, will play with it... I think I saw some option to disable TouchPad when typing etc

Not sure how and when it happen, but often endup having to click the TextBox again etc

I can't anything else than the TouchPad... (Grrr I just did it while typing ! My cursor ended up at the top of this paragraph...

If I find something, I will let you know

In the touchpad configurator, turn off the 'emulate other mouse clicks ..... that'll help a lot.

Then on the command line:

get the id of your touchpad:

xinput list | grep -i touchpad | awk '{ print $6 }'

use that number to define the touchpad (I called it ID)
xinput --set-prop "ID" "Synaptics Noise Cancellation" 20 20 and play with the '20 20' at the end like '30 30' or more.
The current setting is '10 10'
On top:
Then you can try out the following commands one by one and find out which settings do what you need.
I've got:
xinput --set-prop "ID" "Synaptics Finger" 35 45 250
xinput --set-prop "ID" "Synaptics Scrolling Distance" 180 180

Once you've found the settings you like the most ....we'll make it stick for next restarts.

BTW, you can see all your current touchpad properties with:
xinput list-props "ID"

And before you ask: Yes, the same commands work on Deepin. Where on Deepin you might have a diiferent id number ... so query that first.

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~ ❯❯❯ xinput list | grep -i touchpad | awk '{ print $6 }'

Will read again your other suggestions... tks.... Will get back to you

Device 'MSFT0021:00 06CB:CDB0 Touchpad':
Device Enabled (188): 1
Coordinate Transformation Matrix (190):1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 0.000000, 1.000000
Device Accel Profile (316): 1
Device Accel Constant Deceleration (317): 2.500000
Device Accel Adaptive Deceleration (318): 1.000000
Device Accel Velocity Scaling (319): 12.500000
Synaptics Edges (370): 48, 1176, 38, 682
Synaptics Finger (371):25, 30, 0
Synaptics Tap Time (372): 180
Synaptics Tap Move (373): 62
Synaptics Tap Durations (374): 180, 180, 100
Synaptics ClickPad (375): 1
Synaptics Middle Button Timeout (376): 0
Synaptics Two-Finger Pressure (377): 282
Synaptics Two-Finger Width (378): 7
Synaptics Scrolling Distance (379): -28, -28
Synaptics Edge Scrolling (380):0, 0, 0
Synaptics Two-Finger Scrolling (381): 1, 1
Synaptics Move Speed (382): 1.000000, 1.750000, 0.140840, 0.000000
Synaptics Off (383): 1
Synaptics Locked Drags (384): 0
Synaptics Locked Drags Timeout (385): 5000
Synaptics Tap Action (386): 0, 0, 0, 0, 1, 0, 0
Synaptics Click Action (387): 1, 3, 2
Synaptics Circular Scrolling (388): 0
Synaptics Circular Scrolling Distance (389): 0.100000
Synaptics Circular Scrolling Trigger (390): 0
Synaptics Circular Pad (391): 0
Synaptics Palm Detection (392):0
Synaptics Palm Dimensions (393): 10, 200
Synaptics Coasting Speed (394):20.000000, 50.000000
Synaptics Pressure Motion (395): 30, 160
Synaptics Pressure Motion Factor (396):1.000000, 1.000000
Synaptics Grab Event Device (397): 0
Synaptics Gestures (398): 1
Synaptics Capabilities (399): 1, 0, 0, 1, 1, 0, 0
Synaptics Pad Resolution (400):12, 12
Synaptics Area (401): 0, 0, 0, 600
Synaptics Soft Button Areas (402): 612, 0, 590, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
Synaptics Noise Cancellation (403): 7, 7
Device Product ID (314): 1739, 52656
Device Node (313): "/dev/input/event5"

for now I disabled both line with the EMULATE word

I'll see how it goes...

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My device is different but setting 'noise cancelation' to 30 30 helped the most.

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I'd be quite interested in the output from 'list-props' on Deepin i.e if there are any differences.

not installed on deepin...But also, I never used Deepin on a laptop, don't know if it would have been usefull

OK I set it to 30 30, will see how it goes.

No reboot necessary I guess....

Tks !

Note : some other OS would have fun seeing this thread.... But we can't have it all LOL

I must Admit, I've been using a Elive Retro for a few days and it seem faster, seem to drain my battery less, and is very stable and light on ressources...

Yeah maybe, I'm still trying to get my mind around what 'noise cancelation' actually does there.

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If you find a result that works for you you can add that command as a last line in your ~/.bashrc or, if your device 'id' changes ....:

If you have more users than one (or want it to always find and alter the correct device) ...... create a script (with sudo) /etc/X11/Xsession.d/51TouchPadFix

id=$(xinput list | grep -i syn | awk -F= '{ print $2 }' | awk '{print $1}') 
# Anyone know how to make this a single 'awk' pipe?

xinput --set-prop "$id" "Synaptics Noise Cancellation" 30 30

In due course this will be added to the 'elive-touchpad-configurator'.

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In the actual versions this option is enabled by default, you can change different values in the touchpad configurator

If im not wrong is set to 1.2 seconds "paused" after the last keyboard keystroke

Hi Yoda. Is it not in Elive menu - Preferences - Touchpad Configurator? I found that the 2nd and 3rd options solved my similar problem.


Tks yes @triantares told me about it. I will also play with the 3rd option delay ( not trying 1.2 sec)

Check out the solution in this thread:

Check out the solution in this thread:

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ok trying that.....

Considering this has happened before ..... and both of us fell for the same issue again:

@Thanatermesis should de-activate (uncheck) that option by default.
Not everyone is going to take the trouble to read up on the forum here and may in consequence call Elive (or with luck, only the configurator) total shit and move to another distro. :frowning:

On top I think the addition of enabling "Palm Detect" would be a's disabled by default in the current settings.

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