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i knew it, i'm the only one using windows a bit in here and now i will be marked like the windows fanboy :joy:


. :cheerleader: :offtopic: :cheerleader:


08:55 < LupusE> last day of the work-week. keyra, what do you want to do today?
08:55 < keyra> always! :slight_smile:
08:57 < LupusE> touring test failed.

Was messing around with keyra...I think she had a stroke.

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Seems like keyra doesn't use regex for the memo system.

This means that my irc/discord bridge fails with it.

See the extra <TheTechRobo>? I think its the issue.

16:52 < thetechrobo> !memo thetechrobo memotest
16:52 < keyra> You can't leave memos for yourself...
16:52 < ircdiscord> <TheTechRobo> !memo thetechrobo memotest