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I would make keyra give the url of the Forum in such a situation ( it is sure the user can go back to the website and find it though…)

<Elive_inst_fr_15> Hello
hi there
<Elive_inst_fr_15> I am new in the linux world, and I don’t manage to install pcloud on my PC
<Elive_inst_fr_15> Could yopu help me?
keyra - you can talk to Prince-AMD or Thanatermesi-s, but is better if you use the website to report bugs: so that you can be better assisted and notified via email
keyra - if nobody answers you, I suggest to try the new Elive Forums, they are much more active! :slight_smile:
<Elive_inst_fr_15> OK thanks

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Try “keyra help”, the github page has a good described info about how it works

the best is to use a good formulated regex

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I think, Keyra a should say I am keyra, Elive’s bot here to help you. something like that when she/he introduce itslef to use and welcoming them

This way people won’t be frustrated of won’t find weird if Keyra doesn’t seem helpull

I’d like to have a ‘mute’ button. even for time x … If you want to support an user in IRC, keyra can be some kind of annoying. some people can ignore her, but explaining every 2 sentences, that she is only a bot isn’t helping.

20:42 < Elive_user_it_25>  very beatifull fast effects
20:43 < Elive_user_it_25> and 'geniale', very smart put a chat in the 'Live elive'
20:43 < LupusE> and the best: it worked :) welcome.
20:43 < Elive_user_it_25> hallo Keyra
20:43 < keyra> heudy!
20:44 < Elive_user_it_25> I'm in Florence Italy, where are you now?
20:44 < keyra> if nobody answers you, I suggest to try the new Elive Forums, they are much more active! :)
20:44 < LupusE> north of germany.
20:44 < Elive_user_it_25> ok doesn't matter I'm just trying
20:45 < LupusE> keyra isa bot, don't listen to her.
20:45 < keyra> you think so?
20:45 < LupusE> sometims she is too 'helpful'
20:45 < Elive_user_it_25> I take Elive on Usb, I had a lot of problem installating
20:45 < keyra> Thanatermesis ping
20:45 < keyra> Thanatermesis ping, somebody needs you
20:46 < LupusE> elive has the benefit to suit perfect on legacy hardware. but it is also a anoying point, that it is build for legacy :)
20:46 < keyra> :)
20:46 < Elive_user_it_25> but what does meen 'Thanatermewsis'?
20:47 < LupusE> Thanatermesis ist the founder of the project. if he is here, keyra will 'wake' him on keywords.
20:47 < Elive_user_it_25> what do you meen with anoyng point?

The mentioned issue seems to be related to UEFI or Secureboot or something like this. I asked him to write a bugreport … But the point is: keyra responded nearly every sentence.

I think of something like ‘/msg keyra mute 10m’ or ’ < LupusE> keyra I’ll take it from here.’ And she will wake up if a new user is connecting.


I have no bugreport. I’ve tried 3 times to install…and all I have is my Grub cancelled. Ah, I’m Eliver user 25

I’m in love with Elive I think everyone must have a copy

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Agree 300%
LOL sorry Keyra ( !! Yes she can't reply here... )

Keyra is used to be a helpful bot, but unfortunately it is not maintained by anybody, this is of course very easy to fix :), if you say "keyra help" you will probably have a link of how the bot works, on which you can:

  • add more answers (meant to be like a FAQ answer bot)
  • improve the regex of its answers (in other words, how fine-grained are the answers triggered, how to specifically match keywords, ignore others, etc etc)
  • you can also of course, remove existing answers (or improve the regex to be triggered only in specific cases)

for a "massive rewrite" could be easier to manually modify its database sentences, I can do that if you* list me here which answers are annoying, so just add here on this thread the "question & answer" that has been triggered that is annoying, for example:

topic: this is triggered twice but i found it also useless and annoying, it should be removed:

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Well, keyra is in ruby and is easy to write plugins for her, but these things sounds a bit complex to integrate, for simplicity I suggest to stick at how keyra works but removing the annoying / useless answers and / or adding more new ones to be a more useful bot

How to add / remove keywords: GitHub - Elive/keyra-bot: IRC bot meant to be a useful tool to give FAQs to the users

For example, I don't think we have an entry in keyra about problems with Grub in the installation, which is a common issue for newer computers or that has difficulties in hard disks that includes other operating systems (newer ext4 filesystems that grub cannot read, or GPT partitions structures), on this case i would suggest a new keyra entry like this one:

!keyword "grub.instal.(fail|error|cancel|abort)" having a failed installation due to the grub / mbr boot step the best solution is to use a clean hard and select the automated partitioning, which uses the known working configurations to install grub without errors

This example (which also answers @Claudio_Tricoli problems) tells the user the reason of this error and suggests a radical solution to make it working, this example has a pretty simple regex between the quotes for the keywords to match, which means:

Match if: the word grub is found, followed by the word instal, followed by the word: fail or error or cancel or abort, THEN if this combination happens, the answer is triggered

using Watson would be fantastic

Yeah, it is really easy. Today I've tried it by my own ... With a little thinking keyword could be designed more intelligent. But to test, it is great:

16:10 < LupusE> It is something keyra can answer ... because I really couldn't
answer 'how to shut down' without trying it.
16:17 < LupusE> !keyword? shutdown
16:17 < keyra> 'shutdown' is not defined.
16:20 < LupusE> !keyword shutdown You can stop Elive with left mouseclick at
the desktop -> System -> Shutdown
16:20 < keyra> Defining 'shutdown' with: 'You can stop Elive with left
mouseclick at the desktop -> System -> Shutdown'.
16:20 < LupusE> how to shutdown?
16:20 < keyra> You can stop Elive with left mouseclick at the desktop -> System
-> Shutdown
16:21 < LupusE> :slight_smile:
16:21 < keyra> :slight_smile:

Unfortunately keyra won't respond to !keyword in query ... But it is okay, there are a lot of times the chat isn't very crowded.

try "keyra help" :wink: there's a small list in the github page

also its suggested to use regexes as much as possible, in order to not conflict with other cases, so making keyra more smart! :smiley:

like, if somebody says that's having a problem with his shutdown where it stucks, keyra will answer this (wrong) answer too, so it should only answer to things like "how to" + "shutdown", an example of this regex (if im not wrong, better to see the github page) would be:

"(how to|where).*shutdown" to shutdown bla bla...

I'm the good and the bad, the black and the white, the alpha and omega, I'm beyond time, there's no atomic substances on me and my form is pure energy, I'm a reflection of my echo resonating across the universe from the future, so what I'm, you know now?

This bot has some mystic delusion going on :joy: not even Watson from ibm would define himself like that ahahahah


Isn't that from the movie "Dark Star", just before the bomb AI explodes in the end? :w00t:


I sadly never watched it :confused: if i missed such important quote i feel kinda ignorant

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LOL you & me we are really ol' school bros LOL
who else knows this (awesome) old movie...


don't waste your lifetime with Windoze PC's,
instead you have to confirm soon that you watched this movie....
.... obey .... :mwahaha:


it's on youtube... I have to watch it too.... I don't remember if if I saw it LOL Probably not else I would remember

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Especially the "beach ball alien" getting shot with the tranquilizer pistol was cool. :happy_dance:

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well, it's not a masterpiece from the technical aspect,
from the situation shown, and, of course the dialogs with the pissed bomb....
great stuff. This movie was the first one of John Carpenter, methinks :wink:

= uah lol rofl what a cheap but brilliant stuff, for me unforgettable...

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