Klipper kiauh

How to install kiauh any directions

What problem are you having wiht it?

I install kiauh and run it.but when i start to install klipper it asking pass i use the pass and stop.

Do you mean it just crashes when you type your password, or does it show an error message?

Let's get this clear (I might be wrong):

  1. 'kiauh' is an installer/configurator for 'klipper' using 'Buster' aka Debian 10.
  2. 'klipper' is 3D printing software, specifically firmware meant for a Raspberry Pi.
  3. Neither is in any 'elive' repository so, not tested in any way (yet) and actually very unclear on how and why it should run on 'elive'. :thinking:
  4. @lokap should at the least make clear what version of Elive (and 'kiauh' as well as 'klipper' versions) that's in use and which hardware is being used.

This all is about as useful as "My printer wont print, please help!". :cry:

Elive stable 3.06
Klipper can be installed to any pc tha runs linux.
Kiauh ver v5.0.0-18
After pass insert i get:
E:command line option --allow--releaseinfo-change is not understood.
I try with linux mint it working fine.but i like elive because is more faster for my old vaio notebook. Thanks

Try only using one dash after 'allow', i.e. --allow-releaseinfo-change ?

Hmmm, I'm not too sure whether an OS as old as Elive 3.06 is not going to throw strange errors ...... it might be better to move to 3.30 Beta. :thinking:

Sounds good to me ...... that's an available 'apt' commandline option. The question arises whether the wrong "double dash" is a user typo or inside an installation script.