Komorebi live desktop

Komorebi is a live desktop program where mp4 files are displayed the files can be of the users choosing.
As I have virtually no knowledge of programming is it possible to get this program working in Elive

Well komorebi itself is available as .deb package here:
It's a matter of downloading and clicking on it. :w00t:

and there's a reasonably clear Howto here:

Be aware that it uses a right-click on the desktop to access it's configuration menu which will interfere with the existing enlightenment menu on E16.
Meaning one of the 2 will require a different way of access.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, unsurprisingly, it's rather resource hungry.
The reality is that Elive isn't optimized for this kind of eye-candy and you might run into some hiccups but don't feel inhibited to try.

If you do run into trouble we'll gladly help you to iron out encountered glitches that are related to Elive.

At present I am running Komorebi on Ubuntu Studio and am aware of it's resource greed and am constantly having to reset the computer to remove a lockdown/go slow. I'm aware that Elive has the ability to have many different desktops open with the ability to swap between desktops, can komorebi be open on just one desktop and swapped to when work is not being done?

No, it can't AFAIK.
One could mimic that by i.e playing a small movie in a loop in fullscreen on a desktop and then go to another, though.

Even more geekie is to run it a a background in a terminal (terminology) and putting that fullscreen.

We had a thread on video as a wallpaper a while back, where komorobi came up:

Maybe it could be usable idea/configuration as a screensaver or lock-screen, though. :thinking: