Laptop behavior if we close Lid

Where do we configure/change how Elive behave (hibernate, sleep etc ) when we close a Laptop LID ?

That's a good question since is not configured on the desktop (E17 and newer), if im not wrong this setting is on "laptop-mode-tools", you need to edit these configurations manually and restart the daemon

sudo thunar /etc/laptop-mode/

and then

sudo systemctl restart laptop-mode.service

The ideal (default) configuration for the Lid is to always put in suspension, isn't? what is doing right now on your laptop and to what you want to switch it?

I think it's doing nothing. If I close the LID and open it back, everything is there, nothing changed... I will take a look in the config files you pointed out to me

Nope, not for me LOL Lazy a bit, you you tell me where exactly We see what CLosing the LID does (there are a lot of files/places to look) I will check

But I am ok for now with the actuel config, I will just make sure it turn off the screen, don't care if it doesn't go to sleep.... But open to test if you know what you want me to test

just tester, yest the display turn off LOL that ok for now for now

Unfortunately E17 has an emodule to configure "power behaviour" but not E16, maybe we can use a GUI app for that but I don't know any (unless it bloats the desktop by running some gnome / kde daemons), suggestions for an app to include for that purpose? :thinking:

yes this default behaviour is better, if user wants to suspend just suspend

BTW I suggest you using "ctrl + alt + L " instead of closing the lid

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Yeah, I've been going on about that for years ..... it's something very basic that needs to be there.