Larger Default fonts size at installation and after installastion

Most OS I installed had font type & size at installation making it easier to read

And once installed, the default resolution for the screen was easy to read on those OS.

When I install Elive, I find some windows difficult to read and once installed, too small.

Did anyone every reported that ?

Yes, but this was been greatly improved some months ago:

Fonts automated selection and sizing based in your type of screen, resolution and dpi, also includes desktop scaling factor

In other words: the resulting fonts configuration should mesure exactly 2 milimeters height for a CAPS letter (for example in thunar), this is the optimal size for human eyes and it’s exactly the same sizes Apple uses for their phones and computers, which sizes you have? (not very easy to mesure but it can be done)

Next time I install Elive, and use configuration windows etc I will pay more attention for which window I was having problems with, with my 50 years old’s eyes

In my Todo…

I just tried the last 2.9.99 build in a laptop which requires “bigger fonts”, and alright, they are SMALL, and in fact you can see other elements with a correct “bigger” font but not in the GTK applications (like widgets or the thunar filemanager) seems like there’s a bug, i will try to fix that :slight_smile:

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Actually the Auto detection mode works good, but for the GTK applications was set to a bit small for some unknown reason, a font size of 2.0 mm it’s sized to 1.2 in (my) laptop, which has 157 dots-per-inch

ok let me know when I can download 2.9.99 to test on my HP 22 inch screens

Connect to IRC, ill give you the link :slight_smile:

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I am on the IRC LOL

I will need to know these details from your HP screen, booted in Live mode:

  • Start the desktop in english and hit “alt + esc”, type “scale” and show me the default configuration
  • Measure the letter D from the thunar file-manager, it should be exactly 1.9 or 2.0 mm
  • the result of the command: xdpyinfo | grep inch
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I am writing to you from my mobile phone, I Booted elive in English, I don’t understand where you want me to type scale

if you have internet, connect to the chat :slight_smile: (second icon in your dock)

Press Alt + Esc in the desktop and you have the launcher, write scale to show the scaling configurations

fonts sizes fixed, correct calculations for auto mode is now properly working

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I am presently on my phone, on Discourse, my son is asking how did you do it?

nothing :), just run “apug” and restart to a new desktop configuration if you want to have the fonts improved (not a very important thing to restart desktop configurations)

if you use persistence, run apug and the new version of e17 will be included statically to your usb

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