Latest 3.8.13 Beta installed on my Dell XPS L502X

I am enjoying my computer experience after installing Elive beta 3.8.13.

I like that fact that all desktops that I installed work stable. I love tinkling with my OS with lots of desktop options like KDE, Mate, enlightenment and E16, Afterstep , fluxbox.

I enjoy my learning C and drawing circles lines and stuff that's whatever C can do ( libgraph-1.0.2 was needed to be installed manually to do this) .

My experience with this OS (Elive) is fun. Compiz works well with Mate.

I have donated 3 times to Eive developers and will pay a few more times as time passes by.

I think apug is a good CLI upgrading tool, saves me from downloading new beta releases.

I think synaptic package manager is important for installing any software available.