LCARS Elive (USS Elive -- NCC-2023-11 Spaceship)

The theme used was E16 Lcars, Plank Dock, LCARS GTK, LCARS icon set, Fusion cursor, and a custom SLiM login theme.

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How were you able to screenshot the login screen?

One option is to use Virtualbox. :wink:

For stuff like menu actions and "pass over", make a video with vokoscreen, play and pause it and take the screenshot. :innocent:

@endarkenment How do I invoke SLim? I see someone has taken up the reigns of further development with SLim. It is a marked difference from LightDM-Greeter.

Or try to exploit the security hole in SLiM? :wink:


I used VirtualBox, of course.

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Well, you need to install the bloody thing, not download it.

sudo apt install slim

You don't invoke it; it will invoke itself.

The very moment it gets installed, the screen appears, asking you to choose the default DM.

If you just swap the background image of the default theme, you already get:

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Here is my LCARS theme:

Once you're done, open Chrome and visit:


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Great stuff, love the graphics but would hate my workhorse to be like that :madness:
Best done with a nice big wide monitor screen.

Just on a side note:
Why use "plank" that is quite hard to really customize when there's "tint2"? :thinking:

Does Tint2's weather app work? I'll kill off glx-dock if it does...

Frankly, I've never used a weather app ..... I just look outside. I'm a professional skipper, predicting the weather is part of my job.
I do know that tint2 is totally script-able and customizable to the extreme....just for an impression:

And for weather ( a quick search):
And there's definitely more where that came from. :madness:

Because it's simple and elegant, and it doesn't need to be customized.

It has all basic functions (battery, clock, etc.) and efects (autohide, zoom, etc.) and it's easy to customize if one really wants.

TzClock & Gauge.

I disagree there ..... "plank" IMO has the same issue that "cairo-dock" has:
It hijacks a lot of screen real-estate for the icon enlargement making windows partly inaccessible with a mouse-click. If "only" the space above the dock was used and not the whole screen-width I'd be a lot happier about it.

Customization indeed isn't needed if you plan stick to a MacOs-like bar ...... the moment you want more like self made scripts or even include little widgets it gets harder.

This cries after "GUI terminology tutorial" and "common sense lecture" from the perspective of 99.99% of users...

Most GUIs have some sort of panel. Windows has a taskbar, Mac has a dock and toolbar, Xfce has a toolbar and eventually a dock, and Enlightenment (E17+) has shelves.

Most people use the computer to accomplish some task, and they care about the availability of applications they need to achieve that goal.

Most people know nothing about computers and don't care to learn or pimp their GUI.

Most people use Windows, some use Mac, and very few use Linux.

If Linux, then Ubuntu, Zorin, RHEL or Fedora.

If not Gnome, then KDE.

These facts make your remark completely irrelevant and pointless, as it is your own, very specific issue.

Everybody who wishes to have Dock installed does that to make it look like a Mac.

Cairo Dock looks dated and resembles an older Mac OS X (approx. until OS X 10.6).

Plank Dock looks more modern, like the new macOS.

Your "hijacking issue" does not change anything in regard to "[Plank looks] elegant, and it doesn't need to be customized."

There are more than 80 different themes, and there is absolutely no need for additional customization. It comes down to: download, install, and enjoy.

Now, it is a fact that Plank Dock blocks access to the bottom part of the screen, but it doesn't prevent applications from opening in full screen, and there is nothing else that should be accessed in the bottom corners. All important stuff is already placed in Dock or on the toolbar on top.

You, me, and a couple of others who fiddle with their GUI are not a measurement for the usability of Cairo and Plank Dock.

It works well enough for the most of those who a forced to use Linux because they can't afford Mac.

Well I was actually only interested in your opinion of "tint2" in respect to customizing. :innocent:

I do agree that "plank" is a lot nicer than "Cairo-dock", albeit I also find you bring along quite a few unrelated personal opinions to make that point.

"Personal opinion" is relative and would make a nice, long, off-topic, philosophical type of "Lounge" conversation, but the facts above are, in my opinion, important to mention, as only putting things in the proper context will determine their importance. And since I don't know you and I don't know what you know or not, I'm mentioning it.

It's nice that it exists and does the job, but basically, it's just another dead horse in the Linux stable. Same like Cairo and Plank Dock. Use case? Only when killing time with E16, Fluxbox, i3, OpenBox, and such, but that's nothing that would or should ever be used on a productive system in 2023. It's been a long time since I used it last time.