LibreOffice 32bit support above 6.x

LibreOffice 6.3 on Linux, a statement - The Document Foundation Blog

doesn't matter much, the 32bit versions will not use libreoffice (but abiword & gnumeric), due to lightness reasons

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Even on "big" machines, I use Abiword each time it's not necessary to launch "the heavy one", and it have good correction systems as well (at least in French and English)... And eventually xed or so for notes...
I recently has somewhat of an hallucination when seeing a "teacher" telling, on windowns, on weak (when not powered by Elive) pc, to open word (@)(R)(TM) (minimum a minute to arrive), just to write a name & password on a new file (how to add weird on lame for people who have their intellect stolen by the **** (TV) ***)... I told it as I think it & they at least understand (a little hope that they are not completely sheeeeeped)... ...for a moment..., I didn't say "instant", cause I wish....!