Live -> installation problem with 3.0


Your laptop should have two different integrated graphic cards.

  1. Intel HD Integrated Graphics (Or similar, I’ve no idea what stupid name they created for i7 cores’ stuff)
  2. NVidia Graphics.

I’d highly suggest an remote download of your laptop’s latest BIOS and flashing it before trying to install again. Don’t download NVidia, the screenshots have something eerily weird that I can’t place.


Thank you for the answer. You’re right: I’m actually searching a kind of «generic BIOS» for my acer vn7-592g-784v… and of course WITHOUT the NVidia support… But until now, the only result is… the Acer’s support. I’ve already flashed my BIOS with this official Acer support… but the result are the same: no possibility to install Elive…


Maybe this links can clear a few things up for you, concerning BIOS options.